Links of London for Team GB And Some Awards


Links of London Display Window.

During my last trip to London last April, I visited Sloane Square, London to check out some shops. One of the shops I discovered in the Square is Links of London, a British jewellery line famous for their  iconic Friendship Bracelet. Luckily, the company was already promoting the Team GB Olympics Jewellery line. The design pays homage to Team GB, the Union Jack in pendants, key chains, bracelets and earrings. If you check out their website on the link above, there is currently a sale 30% off on the London 2012 Collection. If you are currently in London, the Links of London jewellery line will be a valuable souvenir of your trip there. 

Enjoy your shopping in London!

Thank you to Tammy from the  Edgymix Blog for nominating my blog, The Style and Travel Journals, for the Liebster Blog Awards. This is the second time for my blog. 

Here are the answers to Tammy's questions which was part of her nominating us:

1. Favourite Food - Seafood and Fried Chicken.
2. Favourite Sport - Swimming and Tennis.
3. Favourite Place to visit? - Europe and Muskoka (in Ontario, Canada)
4. Where do you see yourself in 1 year?  -  In a loving and happy relationship with my life partner and success in my job.
5. Favourite type of Music? -  Dance and Pop music.
6. Do you prefer a SUV or travel around the world? - Travel around the World.
7. Do your prefer 5 LV and 5 Chanel bags or Travel around the World? -  Travel around the World still because I can have the 5 LV and 5 Chanel bags after my travels around the World.
8. Favourite Animal? - Dog. My dear Pug, Barkley.
9.Are you allergic to something? - Dust!
10.Favourite Colour? - Blue.
11. One dream you'll like to accomplish in the next year? - Get married or Win the Lottery! Whichever comes first!  (question is about a dream right?).

 I already nominated Five blogs before in my previous blog post, Summer Journeys and Liebster Blog Awards. Here are my additional six nominees for the Liebster Blog Awards.

1. Edgymix - Tammy's blog is just full of adventures in life!
2. Design The Life You Want To Live - by fellow Canadian Lynne. Learn about her Tree house, her sense of humour and lots of life encouragement.
3. Suppose I  Should Blog - by Eimear from Dublin, Ireland who loves to do Fashion Styling.
4. Self Dressed - by Virginia from Barcelona. She showcased Fashion mixed with her travels.
5. LA By Diana Live Magazine - by Diana from LA who shares her favourite fashion and places in LA.
6. Blow A Rainbow - by Priscilla from the Philippines. Her blog is so colourful and full of her interests as a young Adult! She just crossed the bridge from a teen-ager to a young adult.

I enjoy all of these blogs that I nominated!  May all our dreams come true!

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  1. Hey love, Thanks so much for giving me this award:) Love you and ofcourse I love your blog too cus you include fashion,travel and NIKON in your blog!!!!! Those are the best things in the worlds..and wait, what link of london?? Wow, I cannot believe they are making this !

    EDGYMIX New Post-Dominican Republic

  2. Yes, if you are in London, check the Links of London store. They sell beautiful and stylish jewelleries. Are you Nikon camera girl too?

  3. Congrats again! So fun to learn more about you. Barkley is a lucky dog to have you for a Mom.

  4. Thank you so much for this award! It really means a lot to me. I love your blog very much too, it's very interesting. Keep posting, dear! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Great post! Love reading more about you!
    The links things are very cute.

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