Tour of the Royal Mews

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The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.

The Royals Mews at Buckingham Palace is a working department of the Royal Household. It is not  a Museum. The Royal Mews was built between 1822 and 1825 by John Nash, same architect that built Buckingham Palace for King George IV. It houses the State Carriages and Rolls Royce vehicles that the Royal Family use for their own transport to Major state occasions, Jubilees,  Opening of Parliament, Coronations, Royal Weddings  and also including the investitures of Foreign Ambassadors for presentation to the Queen.

During my visit to London last month, I decided to stop by at the Royal Mews to view the many different Carriages and the Rolls Royce used by the Royal Family. It is located behind Buckingham Palace. During my visit, there was a guided tour given by one of the Palace staff. Luckily I joined and  learnt some information and history about the working life in the Mews, the history of the carriages and the Rolls Royce used by the Royal family. I was amazed that they have staff for everything: to train, feed and clean the horses, to make sure the liveries and harnesses are all cleaned and shiny, the care of the carriages to make sure they are clean, shiny and in top condition and the Rolls Royce ready for the Royals to use. There's plenty of hardwork involved in this place which I appreciated seeing it on hand. We all benefit from it when we see all of the Windsor Grey horses parading with the Royals in the carriages  or when we see the shiny Rolls Royce arriving with the Queen and Prince Philip. Here are some of my photographs from the tour of the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.

Carriages and Rolls Royce fit for a Queen.

The Gold Coach was used three times only by Queen Elizabeth II: The first during her Coronation in June 1953, the second during her 1977 Silver Jubilee and lastly in 2002 during The Golden Jubilee. Unfortunately, the Queen will not use this carriage for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Gold State Coach was commissioned by George III in 1762. The front and the rear shows two carved Tritons representing England's Navy power. According to our guide, the Royals does not enjoy riding this Coach because it swings not only up and down but in all directions. Also to get it out from this room, the whole wall on one side including the framed windows would have to be removed.

The State Landau most commonly used for events as the top can be removed  for the Royals to be more visible.  Apparently, the State Landau will be used by the Queen for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

The Australian State Coach.
A gift from Australia funded by wealthy Australians to the Queen. The Red book on the left side has all the signatures of the wealthy Australian patrons of this Carriage. The Queen refused to use Australian taxpayers money to built this carriage. The Royal coat of Arms in the middle door has the Kangaroo, one of the symbols of Australia. This carriage was built in 1988 by Australian craftsmen. It is the modern carriage in the group with its electric windows and central heating. One of the favourite carriages of the Queen.

The Irish State Coach used by the Queen for the Opening of Parliament.

Queen Alexandra's State Coach.

The Glass Coach used mostly for Royal Weddings. The late Queen Mother and the late Princess Diana both travelled to the Church in this coach on their wedding day.

Windsor Greys  are the horses that draw the carriages in which The Queen, members of the Royal Family and guests travel.

Royal Mews Stables. Love the rows of lanterns in this room. They are definitely well kept horses.

For Modern Times.. the Rolls Royce.

The Royal Windsor blue painted on the doors... now open and getting ready for the upcoming Royal pageants this coming weekend  for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in London from June 2 to June 5.  Don't miss it! It will be a pageant of Royal Carriages, beautiful horses and the majesty of the Queen and her Royal Family and all of  her Royal Coachmen, Footmen and guards.

As of press time, The State Landau Carriage will be used for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Click here Diamond Jubilee Preparations, to view all of the preparations around London.
Click here Hello Magazine UK , Complete Guide to the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.

Reference Source: The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace Office Guidebook.

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