Postcards from the V&A Museum: A Diamond Jubilee Exhibition

Queen Elizabeth on her Coronation Day photographed by Cecil Beaton.

To commemorate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the V&A Museum exhibition displayed portraits  by Cecil Beaton of the Royal Family during his lifetime. Cecil Beaton was born in 14 January 1904 and died in 18 January 1980. The 1950s was more of an exclusive world unlike from now where everything is multi-media, with many photographers, magazines, tabloids, TV Shows etc. To become a favourite photographer of the Royal Family during the 1950s meant, having exclusive photos of the Royal Family in both their private and public life. Lucky for British Photographer, Cecil Beaton, was the favourite photographer of the late Queen Mother, which allowed him instant and exclusive access to the private and more guarded life of the Royal Family. Cecil Beaton was the official photographer during Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in June 1953. I am sharing here some of the postcards that I bought from the V&A about the exhibition. It showcased when Princess Elizabeth was a young Colonel of the Grenadier Guards to become a Crown Princess, a wife, a mother and then Queen.

I admire The Queen for her lifelong commitment to duty and service to her country. She has definitely lived a long and valuable life with lots of memories of  world history in both the 20th and 21st Century. The Queen has served the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the World with her honest and dedicated service. She has outlived other politicians both the great and the despotic ones. Long live the Queen! May God Save the Queen!

The Royal Family: King George, Queen Elizabeth(The Queen Mother), Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother.

The young Prince Charles on the left picture. On the right picture is the Queen with Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and baby Prince Andrew.

Self  Portrait of the flamboyant Cecil Beaton.

This weekend is the start of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations dubbed the "Greatest Show on Earth."   Click here, Diamond Jubilee  for a complete guide for the events starting today, June 2 until June 5.

How will you celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee? May you all have a fun and memorable Diamond Jubilee Weekend!

Photo Sources: Postcards Souvenirs from V&A Museum, London, Exhibition, Queen Elizabeth II by Cecil Beaton: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

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