Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason

When in London, do not miss Afternoon Tea. It is a tradition in England to take Afternoon Tea. There are numerous hotels and restaurants around London that offer them in different styles. My aunt and I  had Sunday Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason. I love Fortnum and Mason as they are well known in London as the place to purchase their own brand of Teas, Coffees, Cookies, Candies, Chocolates and other food products including cakes and wonderful pastries. I will feature those foods and other products that Fortnum and Mason sell in their one and only store in Piccadilly in several other posts. The store also have five restaurants that I highly recommend. For this visit, we tried the new Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on the Fourth Floor. I am sharing here my experience of Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason.

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on the Fourth Floor.

I love the teal and gold colour combination on their China and menu. I also love the Tea China set and tea strainer which are all for sale in the store.  One thing I liked about Fortnum and Mason, is that they encourage the guests to order a different tea for refills. This allow guests to try their different teas. We started with Countess Grey which is a Classic Earl Grey tea with orange bergamot, then we tried the Mango tea and the Vanilla Tea.

Classic English Tea sandwiches.

Fresh scones. So delicious it melts in your mouth.

The Desserts. The green pastry with the raspberry cream is made of pistachio nuts. Believe me, it was  delicious!

The Fortnum and Mason jams and the Devon creme on top. We ordered Strawberry and Apricot Jams.

A Tea sandwich and a scone with the Countess Grey tea.

The Devon creme here is such a different taste and texture. Even the colour, in light yellow, is so beautiful! The Devon creme with the Strawberry jam mixed in the scone is just glorious.  All from Fortnum and Mason.

Our Jubilee Tea Souvenir, given to us after our meal.   We enjoyed our meal tremendously. My aunt, who lives in London, will definitely go back again. The staff is so friendly and service is impeccable. The food was well prepared, well presented and delicious. It was worth a visit here at  Fortnum and Mason.

Some of the products offered in the Tea Salon. The jams,Sparkling wine, Tea pot, tea cups, cookies, all from Fortnum and Mason.

These are the Fortnum and Mason Jubilee special products to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen, Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge, inaugurated the newly renovated Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. They received the famous F&M Hampers filled with goodies from the store. The Duchess of Cambridge looked so delighted when she opened her hamper. Click  Diamond Jubilee Products to view the different products they offer.  Fortnum and Mason delivers to the USA and Canada. I will definitely go back to Fortnum and Mason to try out their other restaurants. Maybe I will visit The Parlour for some ice cream treat...Next time...

This Sunday is Mother's Day here in North America. 
I would like to greet all Mothers and especially my dear Mother a  Happy Mother's Day!
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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    1. Thank you. It was fun and delicious Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason. I hope you will get a chance to try it.


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