The Duchess and the Jimmy Choo Vamp


Duchess of Cambridge emerging from her car wearing this gorgeous teal gown designed by Jenny Packham and wearing the glittering Vamp platform sandal from Jimmy Choo. The Duchess and Prince William attended a Gala event at the Royal Albert Hall to mark the countdown to the Olympic Games 2012. This time, she styled her hair in a braided updo which suits her very well. I love her gown with the touch of lace. Wait till you see the back part of her gown! Check it out here...

The Duchess braided hairstyle showed off  her beautiful face and the teal lace design of her gown from the sleeves to the back. She looked so radiant and the gown just amazing with the teal lace!  Jenny Packham is a British Fashion Designer who studied Fashion from Central St. Martins School of Art in London and also at Southmapton Solent University in her home city of Southampton. She opened her Evening and Bridal Wear boutique in London since 1988. Besides the Duchess, her other famous clients are Keira Knightley, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel among others.

Catherine and her husband, Prince William.

From the rear, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Jimmy  Choo Vamp.

The pictures above showed the best in British fashion design, from the gown designed by British Fashion Designer, Jenny Packham to the gorgeous  Jimmy Choo Vamp worn by the Duchess. Of course, right now, both Prince William and Catherine are stars of  Royal Family. Both Prince William and Catherine represent a new wave of hope and optimism to the British people. Good thing, Catherine is learing to support British Fashion Design and present it to the world.

References and Photo credits: HOLA Magazine, Jimmy Choo and Wikipedia.

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  1. AWWW Kate looks soo cute:) I thank you for sweet words and you MUST come to Sweden in the springtime some day...its beyond lovely:)
    Tomorrow I will have a royal special with kate & w..check it out.

    LOVE Maria

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for your lovely comments too. I am looking forward to your Royal post tomorrow.:)

  2. Amazing post!!


  3. Pamela,
    Great pictures! So fun to see Catherine with her hair up and I am loving this dress too. She really has great taste doesn't she? I don't think she's ever looked bad. I think it's wonderful for young women to have someone like her to emulate. She's a wonderful role model.



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