Weekend in New York City

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My High school best friends and I spent last weekend in New York City. Here is our weekend adventure...

Classic Yellow NYC Taxicab on Fifth Avenue.

Rockefeller Centre famous Skating rink.

Kids Sunday Morning Skating Rink session at Rockefeller Centre.

NBC Today Show at Rockefeller Center.

Brunch at The National Bar & Dining by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian was the winner in the 4th Season of the Food Networks' "The Next Iron Chef, Super Chefs." Chef Zakarian is the visionary behind The National which brings all occasion dining to New York's Midtown. It was designed French Bistro style and offer Brunch in the mornings, has a lunch menu and also dinner menu. This restaurant was suggested to us by the Concierge at our hotel, Waldorf Astoria. It is located  one block  behind the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

My breakfast Berkshire Pork Benedict at The National. The pork bacon strip was actually made in the restaurant rather than commercially bought. It was delicious! Then of course, my Cafe Americano cup for the morning!

The interior of The National designed in the French Bistro style. The National is located at 557 Lexington Ave (at 50th st) New York, NY.  Check out their website:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met, world renowned Museum located at Upper Fifth Avenue near Central Park. After our big breakfast, we spent the Saturday morning exploring The Met and its various collections.

The Gals at The Met!

Grand Entrance. As my 3 year old niece would say, "let's go! go! go!"

Lots of Cherry blossoms arrangement in the entrance. A sign of Spring to come!

A Cherry blossoms arrangement at The Met. I love this design! So simple yet so grand!

An Egyptian Statue at the Main Entrance. The Met  has many different collections inside this huge building.

The main staircase entrance to The Met Collections.

Grand arched ceilings of The Met.

Greek/Roman Collection

On the Left is the Spanish Collections. On the Right is the Japanese Art collections.

Monet's Water Lilies.

Middle Eastern Art.

The Damascus Room.

The Temple of Dendur.


The View outside The Met on a lovely, mild winter Saturday afternoon.

View of the Upper East Side Fifth Avenue Apartments. Where are the Gossip Girls?

After The Met Museum, we rode the taxi  to Madison Avenue to visit the Hermes Store. Nearby is Barneys which we also explored.

After some more shopping along Madison Avenue, we decided to go downtown along Broadway to have dinner at Soho. This day was a fun and relaxing day, spent chatting with my dear friends, discovering new restaurants like The National for our brunch, also exploring the numerous collections at The Met and walking around Madison Avenue to discover the shops like Hermes and Barneys. I truly enjoyed our visit to The Met. Their presentation in the Museum was very authentic. It felt like we were in the actual region.  We also visited other shops along Madison Ave which I will feature in my blog  next week. Hang on for more this weekend and next week!  There is more to New York! 

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