Friday Night at Times Square NYC


Times Square, New York City.

My  best  girlfriends from High School  and I met last weekend in New York City for a mini-reunion. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Park Avenue. For that Friday night, we decided to walk around the mid-town area and visit the famous Times Square. We were fortunate that the weather last Friday night was quite warm at 10C in the middle of winter!

The other part of Times Square is now car free and for people to walk back and forth and to sit to enjoy the lights of the Square!

Never ending visitors and action in Times Square, NYC.

There are numerous hotels, shops and Theatre shows around Times Square. Which one would you like to watch?

This is part of the Car free section of Times Square. Try climbing the red stairs?! Of course! My friends and I climbed up for some pictures!

The lights of Times Square!

Toys "R" Us Store in Times Square NYC. This is the Ferris Wheel right inside the store. Isn't this amazing? I love it!

How about dinner?

We had dinner at Carmine's...

At the Bar with my Cosmopolitan Martini Drink.

Our Calamari appetizer...

The family size Caesar's Salad with Anchovies and Calamari. Then we ordered the Pasta with mixed seafood and cream sauce.  Carmine's is located at 200 West, 44th Street, near Times Square, NYC. I highly recommend this restaurant as the food is served family size, reasonably priced, very good service and the restaurant is always packed with guests!
After dinner, we walked around Time's Square more to check out the shops - Disney Store, Toys "R" Us, the M&M Store and many other shops in the area. Being in Times Square truly felt like being in the centre of NYC - full of action! The City that never sleeps!

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    1. Hi Tee, yes it was! It was the classic Cosmopolitan Martini, just like in the "Sex In the City!" Pamela - The Style and Travel Journals.

  2. The pictures are so full of life....just like Manhattan.

  3. It was fun being there! Thank You! Pamela - The Style and Travel Journals.


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