Florence: A Renaissance Splendour

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Florence is the Capital of Tuscany and also of Italian Renaissance. It was the home base of the Wealthy and Aristocratic Medici Family who supported and financed the Great Florentine Artist, Michelangelo Buonarotti.  All around Florence, the City still pays homage to the Medici Family and Michelangelo.

We arrived in Florence via the Tren Italia Speed Train. From Rome to Florence, it was only a One and a half hour trip. We spent the whole day in Florence to just walk around, visit some sights, eat more Italian Pasta and to shop!  Here is our Walking Tour of Florence...

The Duomo.
We decided to walk around Florence instead of joining the Tour. Our first stop was The Duomo which was just a short walk from the Train Station. Along the way to The Duomo, we stopped by some Shoes Stores.. Leather is abundant in the Florence.

The Gates of Paradise in the Baptistery depicts the Old Testament in the panels. The Baptistery is located right in front of The Duomo.

Loggia Dei Lanzi.
From The Duomo, we walked to the beautiful Piazza Della Signorina where we found the Loggia Dei Lanzi. On display are the replica sculptures of Renaissance Florentine Artists.

The most famous Sculpture is Perseus (1553) by Cellini's. Perseus was the Greek hero who killed Medusa. Here we see Perseus holding the head of Medusa.

Then right beside the Loggia Dei Lanzi is the Palazzo Vecchio. This building was built in 1294 but completed with modifications in 1592. This building is now used for Government functions. It is open for visitors. The Palazzo is worth visiting as there are many Art and Sculptures inside. Outside the Palazzo is the Neptune Fountain, the replica of Michelangelo's David and the replica statue of Hercules and Cacus

The Entrance Courtyard inside the Palazzo Vecchio. The Entrance to the Palazzo is Grand! "This is called the Michelozzo's Court, with gilded stucco columns and frescoes by Vasari, and with Verrocchio's Fountain with a Winged Putto holding a Fish in the center. "

We walked around the Palazzo admiring all of the beautiful interiors, more Art with huge paintings and numerous Sculptures. We were just amazed with all of these art in Florence!  We have not even visited the Museums!

Entrance to the Palazzo with the view of the replica of Michelangelo's David. The original statue of David is in the Galleria Dell'Accademia. Visitors are required to obtain tickets in advance and by reservation.

On the Left picture is the replica Sculpture of Hercules and Cacus. On the Right picture is the replica statue of Donatello's Judith. The original sculpture of Donatello's Judith is on display inside the Palazzo.

Neptune's Fountain. by Bartolomeo Ammannati (1563-1575). 
"Because of the enormous white mass of the Sea God set in the center of the fountain on a chariot drawn by sea horses, the Florentines renamed the sculpture Il Biancone,  the White Giant."

The Uffizi Gallery is the most famous Picture Gallery in Italy. It is well known in the world as one of the best Museum that features various schools of Italian and European paintings.

View of the Arno River in Florence. From the Uffizi Gallery, we walked along the Arno River to view the surrounding city and the view of the Ponte Vecchio. This view reminds me of one of the scenes in the famous movie "A Room With A View" starring Helena Bonham Carter and set in Florence. Try to watch the movie. It is  a great movie with a great setting. It might inspire you to visit Florence.

Ponte Vecchio.
"The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence. It was built by Neri Di Fioravante (1345), a solid but elegant structure with three arches. It is characterized by the small houses that line both sides of the bridge."  The Bridge is now filed with sidewalk shops of Florentine souvenirs and jewelleries.
View of the Arno River.

More view of the Arno River and the beautiful City of Florence. That is me and my Mom.

Church of Santa Croce.
After walking along the Arno River, we passed by the Santa Croce Church. There are shops along the Piazza di Santa Croce.

Interior Stained Glass Window and ornate walls of the Church.

The Cross at Santa Croce.

On the Left Picture is the Burial place  of  Galileo. On the Right Picture is the Burial place of Michelangelo.  The Church of Santa Croce is full of Burial places of Great Italians.

Burial  Place of Machiavelli.

Art students relaxing and drawing at Piazza di Santa Croce. Notice the abundant stalls selling Florentine Leather bags. Merchants sell leather jackets, bags and accessories in the surrounding buildings.

Best of all, after all that walking around, we had Gelato for refreshment.

Florence is a walking city. We just spent a day, walking around, going sightseeing, observing all of  the abundant Masterpieces all around  the City, going shopping for their beautiful leather products, had a Salad and Pizza lunch in one of the Restaurants overlooking the Piazza Della Signorina and  had some Gelato for refreshments at Piazza  Di Santa Croce. From Santa Croce, we walked all the way back to the Train Station, passing by the shops and some more sights along the way. Then we reached the Train Station to go back to Rome. It was a day well spent.

Reference: The Golden Book of Florence,All of the City and its Masterpieces.

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