Happy New Year! Charms in a Cake!

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Galette Des Rois/King Cake
This is flaky cake with a filling usually frangipane (usually a filling made with almonds), chocolate or apple then it is baked in with charms to wish you luck and happiness for the New Year.

A porcelain charm hidden in a cake to wish you luck and happiness in 2012!

Best described by Poilâne Boulangerie:

"The "Galette des Rois” is a French tradition. A cake you eat in January only, that hides a charm. The person who finds the charm is Queen or King of the day and bears the golden paper crown that comes with the cake.
This Galette season, Poilâne asked Le Petit Atelier de Paris to create a charm that would symbolize luck and happiness. They crafted two hands; one bearing a heart, and the other a four-leaf clover.
Le Petit Atelier de Paris, 1 rue de Montmorency 75003 Paris.

Our Galettes are made for 2, 4, 6, or 8 people. You can choose from the Galette flavored with myrrh and frankincense or the version with hazelnut cream. All throughout January in our stores only. The myrrh & frankincense flavored Galette starts at €9.85/£9.85, the hazelnut cream Galette starts at €10.55 / £10.55."

Unfortunately, for us here in North America,  Poilâne will not deliver the Galette  Des Rois. They can only be purchased in their Boulangeries around Paris.

Poilâne is one of the well known Boulangeries in Paris. They make their famous crusty bread, loafs, the Sourdough bread and the the small cookies called Punitions.  It is the favourite boulangerie of the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten. When she was looking for an apartment in the Left Bank of Paris, she specifically asked her Real Estate Agent to find an apartment that is within walking distance to  Poilâne.

Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, happily holding a huge Poilâne Sourdough bread.

Fortunately, Poilâne has an on-line shop at where you can order on-line their famous breads, loafs and Punitions. I have ordered the Sourdough bread one Christmas and it arrived in a beautiful box, the bread was wrapped inside and very fresh! They will FedEx it to your home, fresh and ready to eat!

 Poilâne has several stores in Paris and one in London:

This is definitely worth a try for the New Year!

Happy New Year!
May the Hand with the cloverleaf bring you Luck and the Hand with the heart bring you Happiness in 2012!

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