Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 Collection: Dreaming of Spring

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In this wintry and freezing day in Toronto, I am dreaming of pastel, light coloured dresses, bags and shoes! The best show to close Paris Fashion Week was the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012.

Marc Jacobs designed the Louis Vuitton Spring Collection for 2012 with Pastel colours all over, coming from the all white carousel in their Fashion Show in Paris. It was so surreal and lovely! Like a dream coming out around the carousel. I showed this video to my 3 yr old niece and she kept on saying "Again, Again." So we ended up watching the video 3x. We both had so much fun watching the beautiful clothes, shoes and bags. Marc designed the Spring Collection full of Pastel colours, so light, delicate, quite transparent and very beautiful! It makes one dream of the upcoming Spring in this Freezing Winter cold!

The link to view the short

Watch the Full Fashion Show Video:

Spring Pastel Dresses, Bags and Shoes from Louis Vuitton

White as Coconut Pie

Yellow as Lemon Meringue Pie

Peaches N'Cream

Light Blue as the Spring Sky

Mint Green like Lime Key Pie

Dark Blue as the Night Sky

White as a Feather

Bags, more bags and shoes from Louis Vuitton


Exotic Skin in Pastel Colours

Summer Shopping Louis Vuitton Bag and Sparkling Shoes

Classic Monogram Bag and Umbrella

Great Designer, Marc Jacobs.

Photo  credits: Yannis Vlamos/
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