Weekend in Venice

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Venice is one of my favourite cities in the World. It is out of this world, very unique, romantic, artistic and full of history too. I love that when the train crosses the man made bridge,  Ponte Della Liberta, all I saw was the body of water separating the mainland to reach the Venice Train Station, Santa Lucia. The Train Station is the great entrance to the City of Venice.  Past the Train Station and down to the Water taxi, I saw the whole City of Venice unfolding. A city full of canals, bridges and Venetian Architecture.

When we arrived in Venice, we rode the Water Taxi that travels along the Grand Canal to bring us to the Piazza San Marco.

We passed along beautiful Venetian Buildings and Bridges along the Grand Canal.

One of the best ways to see Venice is to ride a Gondola. It is a very unique experience. It is expensive but worth the experience. Where else can you ride a Gondola but in Venice?!  Another best way to see Venice is to walk around through its walkways and bridges.

Postcard from Venice. An aerial view of Piazza San Marco.

Postcard from Venice. Basilica Di San Marco.

The Piazza San Marco centrepiece is the Basilica Di San Marco which was built in the Byzantine Style of Architecture.

In the Centre is the Golden Lion symbol of Venice then on top is the Statue of St.Mark surrounded by Angels. Behind are the spires of the Basilica Di San Marco. The Basilica also has a Balcony that Visitors can view the beautiful Piazza below. The Balcony also has a closer view of the Greek Horses of St. Mark.

The Main Altar of the Basilica. In the Centre Altar Table is the burial place of  St. Mark.

Golden Interior of the Basilica. This was designed according to the Byzantine style with Golden Walls and painted with colourful Mosaics.

 "All that Glitters is not Gold."  Merchant of Venice, Act II, William Shakespeare.

Pala D'Oro is indeed all in Gold! This is an example of Byzantine Art, a Main  Altar Wall made with precious jewels and Mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Angels and some Saints.

A closer view of the Pala D'Oro.  This wall is just  so Grand and Extravagant!

"The Horses of Saint Mark  were installed on the basilica in about 1254. They date to Classical Antiquity; by some accounts they once adorned the Arch of Trajan. The horses were long displayed at the Hippodrome of Constantinople, and in 1204 Doge Enrico Dandolo sent them back to Venice as part of the loot sacked from Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade. They were taken to Paris by Napoleon in 1797 but returned to Venice in 1815. After a long restoration, since the 1990s they have been kept in St Mark’s Museum (inside the basilica). The horses now on the facade of the cathedral are bronze replicas."

The Greek Horses replicas in the Facade of the Basilica. We got a closer view of the Horses by going up to the Balcony of the Basilica. Notice the beautiful carvings on the wall of the Basilica.

The view of Piazza San Marco from the Balcony of the Basilica.  The Piazza is surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Postcard from Venice. The Doge's Palace which is located beside the Basilica Di San Marco. We visited the Doge's Palace right after visiting the Basilica. This is worth the visit as the interior is so grand with elaborate and golden ceilings. There were many Venetian Art on display inside. Golden designs were evident in Venice as it was once a very prosperous trading post.

We visited the Doge's Palace including the courtyard which shows the beautiful Architecture of the Palace. But the Palace has a Dark side....

Known as the Bridge of Sighs which is the  Bridge connecting the Doge's Palace to the Prison on the opposite end of the Palace. The Bridge of Sighs was so called because this is the last place that the convicts saw a view of Venice before their imprisonment in the Prison on the other end of the Palace.  Notice the Canal and the Gondolas passing through.

The Clock Tower of Venice with the view of the Doge's Palace in the Piazza San Marco.

Visitors taking pictures in Piazza San Marco. People walking by. The Piazza is always full of people and the pigeons. The Pigeons!

Then when we were tired from all that sightseeing, a perfect place to eat, drink, relax and be merry! Sitting down outside the Trattoria for a drink and a meal!  Some restaurants even offer outdoor live Classical Music. As you can see in the background, there is a Grand Piano and sometimes the Music was played with Violins.. So magical!

Enjoying a view of Venice.

As William Shakespeare wrote: "In the twinkling of  an eye."  Merchant of Venice, Act II... We saw the beauty of Venice! A magical way to spend the Weekend in Venice!

Source: Wikipedia.
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