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Here is my Christmas feature on Christmas Trees in different styles. Christmas is coming soon!
 I hope you already have assembled and decorated your Christmas Trees. Here are different decorations of Christmas Trees in  different cities - Toronto, Muskoka, Ontario,  Sydney, Washington DC and the Adirondacks in New York.
Here is our Christmas Tree at Home. Meet our Barkley who willingly posed by our Christmas Tree. For this year, we chose the Red and Gold colour theme.
We decorated our Christmas tree with Striped and Solid  Red and Silver balls, Red and Gold Birds, Red and Gold Flowers and Ballerinas dressed in Red Velvet and Cream Lace dress. We used ribbon bows on top of the tree with Golden branches.  Did you spot  Barkley, our Pug,  in the tree?

We all decorate our Christmas Trees according to different themes, decors and traditions. This is one of the Christmas Trees in my cousin's house. Their tradition is to decorate their house with 3 Christmas Trees during the Season as a tribute to the Grandmother of my cousin's wife. Her late Grandmother used to decorate her home with  3 Christmas Trees. This year they decorated one of their Christmas Tree with the theme of their Travels like Paris as represented by the  Eiffel Tower and a Venetian Mask.

Here is another Christmas Tree in my cousin's house. It is decorated with Gold colour theme. The Christmas Tree fits perfectly in the interior design of their home.

Here is a closer look of the Decorations in their 2nd Christmas Tree. Using Golden Birds, Balls and other beautiful Golden trinkets.

On the Left is the Mexican Themed Christmas Tree at ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) as this year they are presenting an Exhibit on the Mayan Culture titled "Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World."
On the Right is the Pottery Barn Kids Christmas Tree using Silver plated picture frames and the different toys offered in the store.

A Floral Christmas Tree full of Red and Pink poinsettias.

Edible Christmas Trees

How about  Edible Christmas Trees? Made up of Jellies, candies, M&Ms. Plus a Gingerbread decorated with more candies and jellies. Plus a fence made of marshmallows, ladyfingers and more candies!  On the side there are wafers and Gingerbread figurines. Yummy!

Outdoor Christmas Tree in Muskoka, Ontario

A Muskoka Outdoor Christmas Tree decorated with White snowflakes, Red balls and Red Birds. The Christmas tree is surrounded by White Muskoka chairs, with blankets to warm the guests and Outdoor lanterns.
Photo credit: Canadian House and Home Magazine

Sydney, Australia

Christmas Tree decorated by one of my dear friends Joanne, residing all the way in Sydney, Australia. This was decorated by Joanne with her sons. Silver Flowers with multi-coloured balls! Very colourful and festive!
Photo credit: Joanne Figueroa-Yap

Then Joanne finished it off with a Red Star on top of the Tree. Very beautifully decorated!
Photo credit:Joanne Figueroa-Yap

The White House
Washington, D.C.

The White House Official Christmas Tree in the Blue Room.
Photo credit: Hello Magazine UK

The White House Official Christmas Tree is decorated with the Gold  Military Medals in honour of the military men and women who served in the US Military.
Photo Credit: Hello Magazine UK

More White House Christmas Trees with  a model of the First Family dog, Bo, also included in the decorations.
Photo Credit: Hello Magazine UK

Adirondacks, New York

A Fresh Christmas Tree in a cottage in the Adirondacks in New York. Very cozy living room. I would like to sit there, in front of the tree,  with a hot cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Photo Credit:

I hope this has inspired you to decorate your Christmas Tree soon! Whatever you decide to decorate your tree, remember to have fun!

Merry Christmas!
May you have a loving, joyful and peaceful celebration!
Thank you for supporting my blog. I hope in someway, I have inspired your day!

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