Christmas Charity Giving

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Christmas is the time for giving and sharing to our Family, Friends and Others.  Being charitable,  especially during Christmas, is a special way to share our blessing to others.  Here are some Charitable organizations that have very cute and beautiful items that we can give as gifts and at the same time make a contribution to our Environment and other people less fortunate in our World. These are some charities that I have supported during the year.

World Wildlife Fund - WWF Canada

Dedicated to the saving of life on Earth through the conservation of Natural Wildlife around the World. 
WWF Adopt Polar Bear
WWF Wildlife Adoptions for $40 Cdn will give the recipient this cute Polar Bear Toy,a Certificate of Adoption, A Collector card, the Recycle bag and Details on the work this gift will support.  There are other wildlife animals that are available in their website for adoption.
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Karito Kids

A percentage of each sale is donated by Karito Kids to a Worldwide Children's Charity. The dolls come with a Passport to Caring and a Book about her Adventures.  Dolls are available in Holt Renfrew Canada.

Karito Kids dolls representing Australia, Italy, and China. There are other dolls representing  Kenya, USA and Mexico. They are very fashionable dolls indeed for a very good cause. 
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United Nations organization providing assistance to children all over the World.

UNICEF has produced Christmas Cards for many years now.  Giving UNICEF cards represents a contribution to the welfare of children around the World.
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UNICEF offers Survival Gifts for children in less fortunate countries.  These gifts are for the children's Health, Education, for Play, Food and Water, among others.
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Bombay Canada

Bombay Canada is a  Furniture and Home Decor Retail store across Canada. Meet Parker the 2011 Limited Edition Christmas Bear.  A portion of the sales is donated to the Starlight Children's Foundation Canada. 

I hope this will give you ideas of Charity giving this Christmas. These are several Organizations and Retail stores that have made giving fun! Giving a Charity gift to others always creates a multiplier effect as it helps other people too.

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