Louis Vuitton Christmas Windows

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One of my favourite brands in the world is Louis Vuitton. They have a long history of exceptional quality, craftsmanship, design and great style.  I wish that I am in Paris, France right now to personally view  the Louis Vuitton Christmas Holiday Windows in their Champs Elysee Flagship store. Who else but Louis Vuitton  can create such whimsical, fantastic and beautiful Christmas windows!

Here is the video of the making of the Louis Vuitton Holidays Circus Windows:

Video by Louis Vuitton

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Then in some Major Cities around the World:

George Street,  Sydney, Australia

Louis Vuitton Christmas Window display to be unveiled starting this Saturday in Sydney, Australia featured the Kangaroo made with Louis Vuitton bags and accessories. These animals for Louis Vuitton were created by SLG Animals - Billie Achilleos .
Photo credit: Louis  Vuitton

 Bond Street, London UK, Louis Vuitton Store

The Iconic Louis Vuitton Trunk designed by  British Designer Grayson Perry.

The Louis Vuitton trunk was conceived by Grayson Perry as a shrine to his 50 yr old bear -
Alan Measles
Photo credit: Louis Vuitton.

Holiday Circus is the theme of the Louis Vuitton Christmas Windows in their Paris flagship store. Then in Sydney, Australia, Louis Vuitton featured Australia's national animals like the Kangaroo, the crocodile, all made with Louis Vuitton bags and accessories.  Then on Bond St, in London, England, the Christmas Window featured the iconic Louis Vuitton Trunk  designed by British Designer Grayson Perry, who currently have an Exhibit at the British Museum titled  "The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman"  opened from 6th October 2011 until 19 February 2012.

 From the video, we learned that Louis Vuitton even have their own workshops to create all of these fantastic displays.  Of course the mannequin models are wearing Louis Vuitton clothing and  carrying the iconic Louis Vuitton bags.  They are so original and creative!  Viewing these colourful pictures of the Christmas windows just inspires me and makes me smile!

To view more of Louis Vuitton Circus:
I assure you it is fun to watch!

Have a good weekend!

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