Nice,France -Brasseries, Plages & Cafes

Since Nice, France is situated in the French Riviera, along the Mediterranean Sea, it has an abundance of all kinds of seafood. The speciality in this South of France area is Seafood! Lots of it! It offers fresh prawns, shrimps, all kinds of fish, squids, mussels and oysters to name a few. Nice, France also has a Michelin Star restaurant, Chantecler, located at the Luxury Hotel Le Negresco.

Here are some of the places we visited and tried when we visited Nice, France:


 Located near the Promenade Des Anglais, along the Mediterranean Sea,  it has a Flower and Vegetable market during the week and the buildings around it are full of all kinds of seafood restaurants. 

Mixed Seafood  Platter

Fresh  Seafood on display.

Cours Saleya Buildings with surrounding Cafes and Brasseries.


Located at the Place de Garibaldi. This restaurant offers  Seafood only. Patrons come to eat platters of fresh oysters, prawns, squids, mussels and different types of fish.

Seafood Reveal!!!!

The Reveal - Moules et Frites with Peach Iced Tea!

Mussels cooked in White Wine and green onion. 

Matched with Golden Fries.


La Rotonde is the French Brasserie at Hotel Le Negresco.  This is their Brasserie decorated playfully with the Pompadour  Wooden  Horse Carousel.

La Rotonde offers a Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and  Dinner. Here are pictures from the  Dinner.

Lentil salad with fresh herbs,Frise and smoked Duck.

Main Entree of either Salmon with lemon balm, buttered Green Cabbage and White wine Sauce  or Braised Pork Loin with coriander and turmeric and Sweet potato puree.

Dessert of Chestnut Pavlova.

La Rotonde Cafe au lait and chocolate.

Entrance to  Michelin Star Restaurant  with French Chef  Jean-Denis Rieubland.

A more Formal venue for Chantecler. Photo: Hotel Le Negresco.


This restaurant is located along the Promenade Des Anglais within walking distance from the Hotel Le Negresco. It also offers Dinner.

This is one of the best Cold Melon soup I have ever tasted.

Above is a liver pate and the cucumber pate.

Salad greens with stuffed tomato and stuffed eggplant.

Mediterranean Seafood Casserole.

Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake with berries.

Fruit Salad dessert.

Le Siecle - Provencal Red and White Wines.


Plages are seaside restaurants along the Promenade Des Anglais. It is usually open during the day. Perfect place to get refreshments and a lunch when sunbathing and enjoying a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Here is the end of my Gastronomic experience of French Riviera cuisine for now. I truly enjoyed every dish I tried. It was memorable and delicious! It was not only the food, but also the ambiance and the setting of the restaurants in Nice that were memorable.   There are still lots to discover!

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