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I am still  in a state of "Wow" from visiting Monaco and it's city Monte Carlo. Monaco is located in the South of France near Nice, France. It is a Principality since the 14th Century, ruled by the Grimaldi Family. The Head of  State now is Prince Albert, only son of the late Prince Rainier and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. The whole country is tiny, as they say, almost the size of Central Park in New York but it is built on a rock, along the Mediterranean Sea. The whole country is basically overlooking the Mediterranean Sea!  How lucky can you be to own a place and live there? 

Only way to reach Monaco is by car or by train. We were lucky to have experienced both during our visit. The main airport is at Nice Cote D' Azur International Airport. From Nice, you can either ride the bus, taxi, rent a car or take the train to reach Monaco.  Traveling by car  or train are both very scenic. But by car, you experience driving along the Moyenne Corniche, one of the world's most beautiful coastal highways. You experience driving along the zigzag mountainous highway, with its tunnels and bridges.  By Train from Nice, France, it cost about 7 Euros each way. It is only 30 mins ride. Then from the Train station to Monaco-Ville cost 1 Euro by Public bus, then from Monaco Ville to the Casino cost another 1 Euro then from the Casino back to the Train Station is another 1 Euro. Totalling 3 Euros to see the whole country by public bus. Traveling by car or train,  both  overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I am telling you, that you will never get enough of the Mediterranean Sea going to  Monaco! I am just in awe!

View of Monte Carlo, the Marina and the Mediterranean Sea.

View of private residences and buildings built on the rock and some on reclaimed land. Private yachts in one of the Marinas in Monaco.


Musee Oceanographique, built on a cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This museum founded by Prince Albert I of Monaco has one of the best Aquariums in Europe, set up in two floors in the basement of the Museum. During our visit, there was also an Exhibit on the recent Royal Wedding of the current Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock which I will feature at a later blog this week!

Musee Oceanographique & the clear Mediterranean Sea.

Palais Princier is the Official Royal Palace of the Royal Family. Built in the 16th -17th Century.
Current residence of   Prince Albert and now Princess Charlene.

Francois Grimaldi, Founder of the Grimaldi Dynasty disguised as a Monk to capture Monaco and bought the  territory from the Genoese in 1309.

Princess Caroline of Monaco - Villa.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco - Villa.

Cathedral was built in the Romanesque style. It was the place of the Royal Wedding between Prince Rainier and American Actress Grace Kelly in 1956. It was also the burial place of the Royal Princes of Monaco including both Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.

The late Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.

Monaco-ville Street.

Visitors can either join the Train Tour or the Bus Tour to see Monaco. Another alternative is to see the whole country by Public Bus for 1 Euro each stop. To see the whole country, cost 3 Euros in total. 


World Famous Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 race track all around the city.

View of the Formula 1 Race track and La Condamine, public swimming pool & Promenade.

Salle Garnier, built by Charles Garnier in 1878 is the place of performance for Ballet and Opera.

World renowned Casino Monte Carlo. The Casino  Monte Carlo is a more formal place where a dress code is in effect. Suit jacket or Tuxedo for men. Also there is an entry payment of 550 Euros to play Poker.

Reflective view of the Casino Monte Carlo and also a view of the city.

Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo, also a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Lobby of Hotel De Paris. Also made famous in the recent movie "Monte Carlo" with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester.

Art Deco style Le Cafe de Paris. Located across from the Hotel De Paris and from the Casino Monte-Carlo.

Le Cafe De Paris - place to be seen in Monte-Carlo.

Yellow Rolls Royce and a Black Mercedes Benz sports car behind in Ritzy Monte-Carlo.

Monaco is a beautiful Principality. It is very easy and convenient place to visit. With its modern transportation - trains, public bus, tunnels and mountain highways.  Visitors can visit Monaco in a Grand way, either  driving a yellow Rolls Royce or a Black Mercedes Benz sports car, or simply by train and a Public bus. It is up to you but you will definitely enjoy Monaco even for just one day!

Sources: Eyewitness Travel:Provence & The Cote D'Azur.
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