NICE, FRANCE Sweet Desserts!

Since Nice, France is a city along the Mediterranean Sea, it has an easy access and abundance of seafood. Besides seafood, France is well known and an expert in producing desserts and bread. Baking is one of the French expertise besides Cooking and Fashion.

I love Desserts! I love pastries and really fresh and tasty bread! In France, it never fails to discover beautiful and delicious pastries and bread! The French truly  bake their pastries and bread fresh on the same day! Then the locals must purchase them fresh on the same day too.  It is precious to them and part of their daily lifestyle. It is part of their meal. Here are some of the places  that I visited  in  Nice, France:


Extra -large tarts.

Multari Patisserie et  Boulangerie.

Variety of   Mini - Tarts.

Fresh Apple Tarts.

Display of Freshly baked and well designed cakes.

A display of their different kinds of freshly baked breads.

Different types of Freshly baked Croissants- Croissant Chocolat and Croissant Aux Amandes(Almonds).


Freshly made Crepes with Fruits of the Season and the other Crepe with Nutella and  Cafe au lait.


Below are other Patisseries I discovered while walking along Rue De France, Nice.

Freshly made Croissant Amandes (Almonds), Pain Raisins (Raisin Bread) and Croissant Chocolat.

The famous French Macarons in different flavours.

Cafe Au Lait at Hotel Le Negresco.

My favourites are French Patisseries and Boulangeries. I love their colourful displays, the various tarts, cakes, pastries and many variety of breads!  It is part of the French culture and lifestyle to go to the Patisserie and Boulangerie to purchase the pastry and bread of the day to complete today's meal. I wish I could try all of them. In different days, of course! I would be sitting in a cafe, drinking my cafe au lait and savouring one of these pastries. Then I must go for a long walk so as  not  to gain the extra calories. Pleasure and  sacrifice, go hand in hand! 

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  1. drooling over those multi-coloured macarons (-:

  2. Yes, they look delicious indeed! Thanks.

  3. So yummiii.
    Nice blog btw. :)

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  4. Pamela this post is gorgeous!!^^ love all these sweets, wanna get one of these now!!:) kisses!

  5. Ah!! Macarons are amazing. Love this post!

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    What a delicious lot of images! I don't have a sweet tooth, but a lot of the pastries and goodies displayed here do appeal to me, as they resemble the patisserie we have in Bari, my city, once a Norman settlement!

    I'll say bye becfore my laptop runs out of charge!




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