Churrasqueira A Valenciana Restaurante

One of my favourite dishes here in Toronto is the Portuguese chicken. During our visit to Lisbon, we made sure to eat at the popular Restaurante A Valenciana, a churrasqueira that cooks the best grilled chicken in Lisbon. Even our taxi driver agreed and told us that we are going to the right place to taste the best grilled chicken in Lisbon. They serve the spicy hot piri piri sauce in a chemical style bottle which says that this is a serious sauce and not to be messed with. We had salad, rice, fries and the chicken for our dinner was grilled perfectly.  The service was impeccable with friendly and helpful staff as they won’t hesitate to give advise on what to order. They were so helpful that they even called us a taxi under the rain so the we can go back to our hotel safely.  

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  1. Im sure it has been so great eating there, the food looks delish! xo

  2. The food looks delicious and I would like to try it!


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