Adventures In The Western Coast of Europe

 It was an adventure indeed to visit the westernmost coast of Western Europe located right in Sintra, Portugal, known as Cabo Da Roca. As we walked around the cape featuring the tall rock cliffs on the coast, we can see the vast Atlantic Ocean right in front of our eyes. The wind took us to the most western tip, breathing in the fresh, salty air. Everywhere we looked, the views were spectacular and breathtaking. Afterwards, we visited the seaside town of Cascais where rich Portuguese merchants and aristocrats built their seaside homes. Lastly, Boca da Inferno shows off the fury and powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean as it hit the rock cliffs of the westernmost coast of Portugal. Standing there as we watched the movement of the ocean, we witnessed the huge cargo ships sailed by as they moved slowly to take a last look at this beautiful country of Portugal, the last land mass that the sailors witnessed as they travelled through the huge ocean towards their next destination. 

Town of Cascais
Boca da Inferno
Boca Da Inferno, known as Hell's Cave, where the huge and furious waves of the Atlantic Ocean hit the rock cliffs.
Locals leisurely go fishing to enjoy the spectacular view. 

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  1. For what I see, must have been an amazing adventure indeed. Happy weekend Pamela! xo

  2. I heve never visited this part of Portugal, I think I will try to go there!
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