New Spring, New Blooms

 It's so fast how the magnolia flowers bloom this Spring season. First it was just a small sign, then all of a sudden it is fully blooming with a fragrant scent as I passed by. Everything is so pretty now. There's an added colour now around the neighbourhood from the blooming trees and plants around. Do you read the daily horoscopes too? Well, today, there is a New Moon. It stated that as the New Moon arrives in Taurus, now might be a time when we all start to find pleasure in new, unexpected places. 
"Right when you aren't looking,
that's when it happens, the most
incredible things often show up
in the most unexpected of ways.

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  1. I didnt know about it but Im thrilled now. Magnolia blooms are mesmerizing and I imagine Toronto during spring, how beautiful it it xo

  2. I love when everything starts blooming! It's so pretty & fresh!


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