Toronto Winterlicious

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 Every winter we celebrate food and winter with Toronto Winterlicious where over 200 restaurants in town offer a three course prix fixe lunch and dinner between $18 to $48 each. My friends and I met this Friday night for dinner at the popular Cafe Boulud inside the luxurious and elegant Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. This is the restaurant of famous French chef, Daniel Boulud. After dinner, we moved on to the D Bar for more stories and drinks. Despite the wintery freezing weather we had fun sharing stories with each other and tasting the three course dinner at Cafe Boulud. 
First course: Assortment of Pate and Terrine. 
Main course: Beef Bourguignon with carrot, potato and mushroom. 
Dessert: Charlotte Poire & Chocolat.
It has lady fingers with chocolate mousse inside topped with pears. 
My other friends had the Coupe Glacee Cafe & Chocolat (Chocolate Coffee sundae). 
Drinks at the D-Bar. 
Four Seasons Hotel always have elegant fresh flowers arrangements in the lobby.
P.S. You noticed that I changed my Blog title. I wanted to change my blog title to something shorter but still reflect the essence of this blog featuring style and travel. It is now Chic Delights as we continue to feature all that is beautiful from Canada and our world that will inspire, enchant, provide joy and awareness to our dear readers. I still have to figure out the feeds on both Blogger and Bloglovin. You can view my new URL at I hope you like it?
Thank you very much for your encouragement, support, feedback and most of all your time. 

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  1. Hi Pamela, I remember this event from u each year. The restaurant looks great and so the food. Enjoy ur weekend! xo

  2. Great place!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. Such a nice experience! I have always wanted to eat at Daniel in NYC. Hopefully I can do this one day.

  4. Such a chic restaurant and delicious food!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Everything looked beautiful & delicious Pamela! The Four Seasons is grand! Thank you for leaving your new blog link. This is my first time responding to blogs this week. Last week, it said your blog was unavailable. I was like oh my! I love your new blog title. It's very befitting.


I enjoy reading your wonderful comments. Thank you for visiting here.

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