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 Before you read this post, please prepare to be hungry. I started my vacation in Rome by joining a food tour not only about Italian food but especially Roman food around the city. This tour is presented by the Secret Food Tours which also have food tours in Paris and in London. This is the second food tour that I have joined presented by the same company. I first joined their food tour in London which was a mouth watering and memorable experience. This time, the food tour around the centro storico of the Eternal City included not only lots of delicious Roman and Italian food but also included a historical tour of some sights and ancient neighbourhoods. Our food tour guide, Silvia was extraordinary, very knowledgeable, fun and truly a Roman, so proud to show us her city and to share her history. Once again, prepare to be hungry as I share this Roman secret food tour which is a fun and memorable way to learn more about Rome. Excuse me though as some places here will remain, a secret.
The tour started in Piazza Navona.  Italians love their coffee, so the first visit for the tour is to try the different kinds of Italian coffee at Tre Scalini at Piazza Navona. I ordered their cappuccino, while others had the espresso and the spotted milk coffee. I learnt about Tre Scalini from this tour and returned here to have dinner on my last day in Rome. 
Tre Scalini, three stairs, is famous for their Il Tartufo a combination of 3 different kinds of swiss chocolate made into an ice cream mousse since 1946.

Silvia shared with us not only about Roman food but also the history of Piazza Navona and the story about Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain right in the middle of Piazza Navona. 

Here is Silvia showcasing some sights around the Eternal City.

After our Italian coffee, our next stop was at Forno Campo Di Fiori for the best (in my opinion) Roman pizza in town. This place deserves a separate post that I will publish later on. My favourite Roman pizza is the zucchini flowers with anchovies. The sweet taste of the zucchini flowers and the salty taste of the anchovies were the perfect combination and the most unforgettable taste only from Rome.
A busy morning at the famous outdoor market in Rome, Campo di Fiori.

Where they not only sell fresh food, vegetables and fruits but also different kinds of Italian coffee makers.

Silvia also brought us to this place near the Campo Di Fiori and near the French Embassy for a taste of different Italian cheeses like fresh bufala mozzarella among others. It was quite an experience eating outdoors in the midst of these ancient Roman surroundings. 
Of course, we got to try the Sicilian cannelloni from this authentic Sicilian bakery in Rome.
We also ate in this Roman restaurant near the Jewish Ghetto to try the carbonara and Amatriaciana. The carbonara is made with pancetta (bacon), fresh pasta and sauce made from egg, cream and pecorino cheese while the Amatriaciana tasted more meaty because the sauce is made from tomato sauce with pig cheeks.
One of my favourites is the Supli, roman rice balls. I ate some rice balls which were so filling. One good thing about this tour is that it is a walking tour.
Silvia gave us a tour around the Jewish Ghetto telling us the history of the former Jewish residents during WWII.
Check out the prices of these Italian wines.
Then we had more wine and cheese tastings here.
Save the best for last, gelato for us in this Gelato place near the Piazza Venezia which has been here for over 20 years. I tried the ciocollato and pistachio flavours.

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  1. The food looks to die for! Italian food is just the best :)


  2. Ah you made me so hungry indeed, what a food tour u did, well done! Pizza looks so delicious, we called that type "pizza al taglio" and is my fave! The cannoli are so appealing! Happy weekend! xo

  3. Ooooh....carbonara is usually very good, Pamela! The food looks delectable, what a fun time! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. beautiful pic of my gorgeous city!

  5. Beautiful pictures of my gorgeous town!

  6. I'm starving now Pamela! LOL This food tour is so awesome! I remember the one you went on in London. Oh gosh! The pizza, rice balls, gelato, and desserts look SO GOOD! What a fabulous sampling!

  7. so you have been in my city!! Well I am glad to know that you appreciated our food!


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