Roman Eats At Roscioli

 During my vacation in Rome, I was very determined to eat here at Roscioli. This place was highly recommended to me by brother as one of the places not to be missed.  I started walking from Piazza del Popolo then along the Via del Corso towards the Piazza Navona, walked across the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II to reach Via dei Chiavari where Roscioli was at the end of the street. Imagine that long walk on a hot Roman day? But I didn't mind as I was eternally entertained by the historical, fashionable Roman sights along the way. I made it right in time for lunch. Roscioli is a restaurant, deli and bakery. Everything they offer here is truly authtentic Italian, top quality and they offer the expertise in everything Italian food.  Guests can buy the bottles of wine, charcuterie, cheeses, breads, pastries, cakes and boxed pasta to take home. This is a place I highly recommend to you.  This was the most memorable meal I have ever ate in Rome. I will definitely return here again. 
Each guest was served this mixed bowl of Italian bread as a starter. 
Here is my bowl of mixed Italian bread and fresh goat cheese. 
I ordered this tripe, artichoke, fried veal and rice salad which is to die for. I loved eating this salad. Too bad I can only order this here at Roscioli in Rome. 
Then of course, I got to try this classic Roman pasta, cacio e pepe. I ate the whole thing. I learnt that the real cacio e pepe is made with pecorino cheese which melts at the bottom to form a creamy sauce for the pasta. 
As I was so full from my meal above, I decided to forego a dessert and just have my favourite cappuccino to end my meal. Everything here at Roscioli was so delicious and the service was impeccable. Next time, I will return with a reservation so that I can get a table beside that wall of wine.  

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  1. Sounds so worthy and definitely to visit it, I want to eat there now! xo

  2. I love pasta cacio e pepe, the best in Rome!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. oh gosh pam! the bread alone looks so delicious. hahaha the pasta looks so good.

  4. The fresh bread and goat cheese look amazing, and the dishes are beautifully presented!

  5. Roscioli istologico the top in Rome!

  6. The pasta looks so delicious! I would have eaten the entire portion by myself as well.


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