12 Trees Of Christmas

Every year, the Gardiner Museum celebrates Christmas with the display of 12 Christmas Trees designed by well known Canadian designers here in Toronto. This year, the 12 Christmas Trees celebrates the The Joy Of Creativity by presenting 12 contemporary and modern designs of the Christmas Trees. The displays may shock you as they deviated from the traditional Christmas trees that we are so familiar to see during this Christmas season. But we always keep an open mind and welcome these modern designs as it stretches our imagination. 
Christmas Tree designed by Jennifer Carter, Hermes Canada President using opened umbrellas made with Hermes silk.
The Aquarian Water Bearer designed by Sophie DeFrancesca. This is a very symbolic Christmas tree made from hand sculpted wire mesh, resin and paint. The water flowing out from the vessel forms a Christmas tree, symbolically washing away the past. 
Crowning Glory Christmas Tree. 
Golden Angel designed by Susanne Shaw from Holt Renfrew. This Christmas tree was made from torn pages of Reader's Digest magazines. 
My favourite activity in the museum was this year's Christmas tree outside the museum (see above photo) where we can write our own Christmas message through the ceramic plates given to us then displayed under the tree. Reading the messages on display, there was a common Christmas message of peace, love and joy for this season.

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  1. I like the tree made of crowns; looks fantastic!

  2. Wow they are all spectacular and original!

  3. Wow, Pamela, they are lovely and so creative!

  4. A very different and cool Christmas post dear :) and I hope everything is great with you :)

    Check out my new post - Modern styled Christmas inspiration :)

    have a lovely weekend!

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  5. Oh, they really have shaken me a lot! Im so impressed by much creativity and fantasy. They all are so original and artistic, the one outside is gorgeous, nice there are also Xmas messages from visitors. Have a great weekend Pamela! xo

  6. I love Christmas and Christmas trees... so I loved this post :)

  7. Oh there you are. So nice to see you. These trees! Have to say the umbrella is my favorite.

  8. Kiss

  9. I love this kind of art! That crowning glory tree is gorgeous!

  10. Very innovative and inspirational trees!


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