Toronto Pan-Am Games

 The Pan Am Games 2015 begins right here in Toronto from 10 to 26 July. The Pan Am Games is the international sports competition for the North, Central and South American countries with over 200 athletes competing for summer sports.  The City is abuzz with lots of excitement, entertainment and sports competition all around. There is also PANAMANIA which celebrates the arts and cultures of all of the countries participating in the games. Every day there is a free musical concert at Nathan Phillips Square which currently displays the huge TORONTO sign right in front of City Hall (photo above). The TORONTO sign is now the most photographed sign in the city. It's a good thing that the City decided to keep the sign and move it around after the games in different locations around the City. This summer is definitely a time for celebration in everything from sports, arts, cultures and food of all the countries participating in the Games. We welcome all the athletes and visitors to our beautiful and diverse City! 
 Meet Pachi, the Toronto Pan-Am Games mascot. 
The countdown at Nathan Phillips Square with the view of the iconic City Hall. 

Watch the amazing fireworks from the CN Tower during Pan-Am Games opening night.

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  1. nice pictures, i would like to visti toronto one day!

    Alice's Pink Diary

  2. Toronto is a very nice city, and full of events :)

  3. How cool and fun, wish I was there to see the Games! I can imagine the atmosphere that there is in the city. Kisses Pamela! xo

  4. Interesting to learn about this competition. Living in Europe, I hadn't heard about this before. So exciting that the event is in your city this time!


  5. that's going to be awesome! how exciting!

  6. I wish I could attend, i sound so funny!

  7. Lovely photos, Pamela! :)

  8. Cool games, a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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