Dream Heels At Tanya Heath

 During a summer's stroll along Yorkville, here in Toronto, my friend and I became curious on this boutique with floral display windows. As we ventured in, we discovered that this is the new shoe store of Tanya Heath, a Canadian luxury shoe designer now residing in Paris, France. To our great discovery and delight, it turned out that this is not any ordinary shoe store. This is an extraordinary and unique luxury shoe store with stores in Paris and London. Tanya created the first shoes with changing heels. You purchase the shoe plus several heels according to your own liking. As you can see here, the heels on offer are from stiletto, high block heels and low block heels which comes in different colours and designs.  You can wear one shoes from day to night then change to different heels to update your look. My friend and I were delighted to discover these shoes and will definitely come back in our next shopping expedition in Yorkville. Best of all, these shoes are Made in France. Isn't that amazing?
 How to change the heels? Click the internal button in the shoes for easy changing of the heels.

 The Sales Associate modeled for us. Same sandals with different heels - one is the high block heel and the other is the stiletto heel. This is genius!

The good news is that Tanya's shoes are available on-line.  Tanya's shoes are one of a kind! 

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  1. Well the floral display is amazing and the shoes look so pretty :)

  2. Cool sandals, I prefere the High block heel!!!
    xo Paola
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  3. Nice :)

  4. Oh my, the concept of these shoes are way too cool and now Im drooling over a pair! If I was there, Id visited the store for sure. Happy Monday dear Pamela! xo

  5. I have never heard of this; sounds really great! A very creative way to wear the same pair of shoes.


  6. Gorgeous shoes and the floral display sure is pretty!

  7. I was fascinated when I saw these on your Instagram account and had to come over here to find out more! It's such a genius idea and I'm surprised it hasn't been thought of before.

  8. The one's the sales model are wearing are super awesome.

  9. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.


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