It's All Green

The colour Green is so popular and so chic in both fashion and in interior design. Green is showing up everywhere in both the fashion collections and in interior design as featured so cleverly on Canadian House & Home magazine's, Runway to Rooms. Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, patron saint of Ireland, which is symbolized by all Green, the colour of the Green Irish Isles. Green is also the symbol of prosperity. Even the Hermes Green Birkin is so chic and goes well with denim, white, black, beige, grey and even with navy blue. I like this colour now. I would probably try to wear more green this spring and summer. How about you? Do you like green? Do you use green in both your fashion and interior design? Try it, for a different pop of colour in your lifestyle.
 May you have a smiley day!

Photo credits: Vogue.comCeline Spring 2015Jil Sander Fall 2015Saint Laurent Spring 2015Hermes BirkinStyle.comAnya Hindmarch Smiley Ebury.

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  1. Awesome, Pamela! I love all the green...and it is my favourite colour, too. :)

  2. I love green, amazing pics selection!!!!
    Happy wed Pamela!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  3. Morning Pamela! You are so right and in fact I love to wear this color too, even on the makeup as eyeshadow. I less use it on the decor but would be so beautiful the same, spreads much positivity and brightness for sure. Now, I just need to buy something new for the upcoming season :) Happy Wed! xo

  4. I love green...I would like to have a long silky skirt in green, would be perfect!! These examples are wonderful...I hope you have a great day xx

  5. i love green, it looks great in your selection :)
    I really like your blog!!
    I'm your newest follower i hope you will visit me soon :3

    Alice's Pink Diary

  6. The ideal post following St Patrick's Day. The long green coat is fabulous. I have just realised that I don't actually have anything green in my wardrobe! We do have some green in our home though.

  7. I love green but unfortunately it's not so common when it comes to clothes.

  8. i am loving those green jackets and coats.


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