A Fun Night At Sip And See

A fun open house event, Sip & See, was held at MoRoCo Chocolat  last Wednesday night to celebrate the product launch of their partnership with  Tea Squared.  It was an event attended mostly by Event Planners, Bloggers and Industry insiders. When we arrived, we were welcomed with cocktail Prosecco drinks made with grenadines, vodka and raspberry. Then we were offered several dishes of mini-hamburgers, cheese balls, tuna tartar eclair with caviar and a dish of their specialty macaron made with goat cheese and beets and bacon cheddar. Of course, all of the dishes were delicious and made specially by Chef Brad in their kitchen that night. 
With all of these endless food and  Prosecco cocktails, we were offered a free tasting of the premium teas from Tea Squared which is a Canadian company specializing in the wholesale of premium teas. MoRoCo Chocolat has formed a partnership with Tea Squared to supply them with their premium teas for their Afternoon Teas, regular restaurant menu and for their Special Events. This event also launched their Special Events with some samples of what MoRoCo Chocolat can offer for any special event like an engagement party, a Birthday party for him or for her, Baby Showers, Bridal showers or any event that you can think of. Last Wednesday night was a fantastic and magical night with all of the food, the macaron, chocolates, popcorn, cotton candy and drinks offered to their guests which were all made in house at MoRoCo Chocolat.  It was a fun night of Sip & See. 
 Yes, that's a pure white chocolate fondue fountain. There were lots of macaron and both dark and white chocolates all made in-house at MoRoCo Chocolat.
 Welcoming Prosecco Cocktails.
 Tuna Tartar Eclair with caviar made by Chef Brad.
 One of their Special Events table. A Table full of chocolates and macaron. Believe me, even the shoes are chocolate edible.
 The purple macaron is filled with goat cheese and beets and the white one is cheddar and bacon. 
 The Mr & Mrs Wedding vignette here with more chocolates and macaron.  
 Afternoon Tea Special with cotton candy served in a tea cup. Their Truffle macaroni and Cheese is one of the best in Toronto.
 A party spread here for the Gentlemen. The men are not left out here.
 Everything here were all made in-house at MoRoCo Chocolat. 
Of course, I spotted a Celine Trapeze Bag fitting right in here at the event. MoRoCo Chocolat truly knows how to have a spectacular and magical party. 

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  1. Oh my, the white chocolate fountain is heavenly and would have beem my fav spot. This is the kind of event Id be very happy to take part in too!:) Happy weekend Pamela! xo

  2. Beautiful and elegant...and what fun!

  3. Le scarpe preferisco calzarle ma quelle le avrei mangiate volentieri!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. I love chocolate... everything looks delicious!!!
    Great event!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. Savory macarons and chocolate shoes. What a Mad Tea Party!

  6. The chocolate fountain looks divine! So great that you could be part of this event.

  7. Have a great start of the New week Pamela!
    xo Paola
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  8. Everything looks so delicious :)

  9. I would've been in heaven if I attended! My gosh Pamela this is exquisite!

  10. Everything looks amazing, Im sure you had a fantastic evening, the table with dark chocolate looks amazing.
    kiss and thanks for your warm welcome :)

  11. I am sure you had a fantastic evening, the table with dark chocolate looks amazing.
    thanks for you warm welcome.

  12. This looks so the whole spread I hope you enjoyed xx


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