Best Places To Shop In Paris: Les Grand Magasins De Paris

There are three Grand Dames of shopping in Paris. These are Les Galeries Lafayette and Magasins Du Printemps which are side by side along the Boulevard Haussmann. These two are so huge that one could spend a day just visiting between these two Department stores in Paris. Another Grand Dame is the tres elegant and less crowded Le Bon Marche on the Left Bank of Paris. 

Which one is my favourite? I always tend to shop more at Galeries Lafayette because the Women's section here is all under one Dome which makes it easier for me to find things I want. There is a separate Building for Men's. My second favourite will be Le Bon Marche because I also love their La Grand Epicerie which is the best in Paris for food shopping. Their fresh bread and sandwiches are to die for and will not break the Bank. There is also a wide selection of fresh juices, french yogurts, even fresh fruits which are perfect when you just want to eat in. I also like Printemps because they  have a Laduree restaurant inside and their home ware section is one of a kind in the World. When you visit Paris, make sure to save a day or two just discovering and shopping in these Grand Department stores. Then of course, when in Paris, shop like the Parisians and buy French! 
At the Galeries Lafayette, go to the Children's Floor and you will be shown this magnificent view of Montmartre and the Sacre Couer. 

Le Printemps.
Le Bon Marche and the other building is their La Grand Epicerie. 
I was surprised to discover this huge British store, The Conran Shop behind Le Bon Marche along one of my favourite streets in Paris,  Rue du Bac.

Then of course, it is always fascinating to go window shopping to see these chic Parisian boutiques. featured 10 Bags as candidates for the It BAG 2015 Election.  Each bag have their own campaigns to earn our vote. This is a fun way to vote for the It Bag for 2015. Check them out to give support to your favourite Bag and Luxury Bag Brand.

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  1. Amazing places to shop :)

  2. I always make sure that I stop by the Galeries Lafayette when in Paris!

  3. This is getting me SOOOOO in the mood for Paris! We will be there in March - cannot wait! I think I like all three equally. Happy weekend, Pamela.

  4. Hi Pamela! These three are for sure the best place to shop, wish I was there and do some splurge!:P If I have to choose, I would say Les Galeries Lafayette. Your photos are gorgeous, the one with the view of Montmartre is dreamy. I will check later to see that poll. Hope you have a great weekend, many kisses! (well done on Toronto as the best city where live, so happy for it!) xo

  5. I know a little girl who lives in Paris and she calls the department stores Les Palais. Isn't that just perfect?

    1. The little girl is so right. These Department Stores in Paris are Les Palais.

  6. Io penso che di fronte alla vetrina di Chanel sarei capace di piangere dall'emozione e forse anche dalla disperazione di non poter avere tutto!!

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  7. Would love to go in here and shop, it's amazing and so beautiful!! Hope you have a gorgeous week my dear xx

  8. I'm saving this. Pamela, do the stores speak English also over there? Or is it just French?

  9. I love the Galeries la Fayettes!!!!
    Have a great start of the week!
    Kisses, Paola.


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