Weekend In The Pillar & Post

I celebrated my birthday last June here at the Pillar & Post located in the Niagara On The Lake region. The Inn is a member of the Vintage Hotels Collection.   We had Brunch and visited the outdoor swimming pool which was a perfect place to hang out to quench the summer heat. The Inn also boast one of the best Spa in the region with its 100 Fountain Spa, indoor saltwater pool and the outdoor hot spring pool which can even be used during the Winter. Their Spa offers a variety of services that will soothe the body from head to toe, mind and soul. As you can see, the lobby shows elegance, country style comfort and chic. The Sunday Brunch at Cannery Restaurant offered a variety of  gourmet food from cooked pasta dishes, meats, seafood, fresh salads, pastries, cakes and even your own cooked omelet plus the variety of local Niagara Wines grown around the area. The Inn is now one of my favourite places to visit during the Summer as it offers a variety of services from dining, spa and even swimming at their pools for their Guests. If you will get a chance to visit the Niagara On The Lake region, try stopping by the Pillar & Post to rejuvenate and discover this gem. 
Cannery Restaurant at the Inn.
Freshly baked tarts, pastries and cakes.
Brunch with freshly made apple juice.
Even Queen Elizabeth II stayed here during her visit to the region. 
The inviting outdoor pool at the Inn. What is your favourite past time during Summer?

Enjoy the Summer Weekend!

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  1. Your birthday celebrations sounds so wonderful, I like this the of very warm and welcoming decor. Seems like a terrific place. Loved reading your viewpoint on my last point... Have a Fabulous Weekend!

  2. What a great place to celebrate your birthday! I like the pool and relaxing atmosphere that I gather from these photos!

  3. Wow.... perfect place to celebrate your B-day!!!!!!!!!
    Happy WE darling!

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  4. Hi Pamela! I want to go to the Inn now, is an amazing place full of great and luxurious services!:) the outdoor pool inspires me as well as the Restaurant, the brunch looks so delicious! Have a wonderful summer weekend Pamela! Kisses! xo

  5. Wow this is an amazing amazing place. Food looks beautiful and it looks relaxing :)

  6. This place looks so beautiful!

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  7. Congrats with your birthday! This place looks so beautiful and relaxing!

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  8. Thanks so much for stopping by...Hope you have a successful week ahead!

  9. Looks fantastic! What a great place to spend a weekend. My fav summer pastime is to lay around in the sun, near by the pool

  10. Wow, wonderful place! Kisses, Lucy

  11. Wow!!! The place looks amazing...! And the food ...delicious! :)


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