Summer Bags Flash Sale

Summer is going along so fast these days. There is still time to enjoy the outdoors in style. Here are some bags designed by former Beauty/Fashion Editor at Affluent Magazine, Mary Jo Matsumoto who is also the current Editor of her own Blog, Trust Your Style. Her bags are made with soft leather and mostly inspired by her California lifestyle. Which means the Beach, the sunny and tropical weather of Southern California. The good news is that she will have a 3 days Summer Flash Sale that will begin this Friday, August 1st until Sunday, August 3rd. Buyers can view some of the items on the link above but the 50% off code will be available starting this Friday, August 1st. If you haven't found your Summer bag yet, here is your chance to check out Mary Jo's Summer Collection which included totes, clutches, wallets, tassells and even her famous nail polishes set. Go check it out!
 This is a clutch which converts to a cross body bag. 
Mary Jo's Nail Bliss Trio. 

(Photo Credits: Mary Jo Matsumoto)

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  1. Her bag are really beautiful and I know will be sold out soon now with the flash sale!:) Kisses Pamela! xo

  2. Lovely, Mary Jo creates some marvellous things :) xx

  3. I really like the first bag! I would also love to design bags one day...

  4. Hi Pamela, thanks so much for the lovely write up about our flash sale and bags! Hope your week is a good one!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. The bags are all lovely, but the first one caught my eye, especially, as I love nautical things...and the ocean! :)

  6. The second bag is really cute :)


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