Flowers and Strawberries

What could be more lovely during the Spring Season but to have lots of flowers and strawberries?  I was in hanging flowers heaven last weekend when we visited the Hotner Greenhouse and Garden Centre in Brooklin, Ontario, North East of Toronto. The Hotner Greenhouse and Garden Centre is huge with different sections of all kinds of florals, vegetables, herbs and all other plants, ready for planting in the garden. Here are some of their Hanging flowers and Wall flowers for sale which are perfect for those who do not wish to do a lot of digging on the soil. There were so many different kinds and colours displayed on their Garden Centre.  After we finished our Garden shopping, we stopped by for lunch at Haugen's for some barbequed chicken and ribs then the best of all, for dessert was a slice of the best strawberry pie I have ever tasted in this part of the countryside. 

Hanging Flowers or Wall Flowers are perfect to decorate indoors and also outdoors. They require minimal maintenance except for some watering, sunlight and also some talking or singing to make them bloom into these beautiful flowers. 
More rows of blooming Wall flowers and Hanging flowers that are perfect for both the indoors and outdoors. 
Haugen's Strawberry pie which is the best I have ever tasted. It was baked like a tarte tatin style with no flour and not custard based. The fresh strawberries were from the farms in the surrounding area then caramelized with a syrup or gelatin like mixture. The pie was filled with strawberries and not too sweet. Then when served with fresh whipped creme, we just dug in and finished it all the way to the bottom. 

May you all have an inspiring week ahead!

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  1. 'Oh!!' is a valid comment?;-)

  2. Hi Pamela! The Garden Centre looks heavenly, love flowers too and I can imagine the nice scent there is over there:) The flowers walls look great! Yum for the Strawberry pie, is one of my fav too! Kisses dear, have a nice day! xo

  3. Amazing, amazing... this place is awesome

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  4. Oh what wonderfull place....and your pics always fantastic!!
    Have a nice EVENING( Italy there are five o'clock!!)!
    I am waiting for you darling!

  5. Pamela, you are so not right for posting this! HAHAHA Those flowers look exquisite and now I want Strawberry pie! HAHAHAHA I love strawberries and them up this time of year.

  6. I've never seen sooooooo many hanging flower baskets!! Beautiful, Pamela. And that strawberry pie = heaven! Make that two slices for me, please! And no sharing :)

  7. Preciosas fotografías!

  8. MMM that strawberry pie looks delicious and the flowers are beautiful1!

  9. That pie looks delicious but I am totally in love wiith those flowers!
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  10. Those hanging baskets look so happy and jolly Pamela, just the thing to say hello summer.
    If Mr Loi has two slices of pie then I'll have the same but with extra cream please and also no sharing:)

  11. I just love the way greenhouses smell. Like earth. And I love the way strawberries taste. Like heaven. More whipped cream, please.

  12. wow that strawberry pie looks amazing!! beautiful pics!

  13. This strawberry pie looks so delicious... I will be thinking about it all day long!


  14. Those hanging flowers are gorgeous and I can almost taste that strawberry pie with your detailed description! You can't beat real strwberies straight from the farm. so many of the supermarket ones have little flavour.

  15. Cute flowers and yummy food :)

  16. What an impressive garden centre it is Pamela! So much plants on display. I do like your strawberry pie :-)

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  17. Great post!
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    xx Sofie

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  18. aw wow, I've never seen a floral paradise like this before, the hanging garden is amazing. The pie looks so yum!

  19. Thanks as always for your wonderful words over at mine! Have an awesome weekend!

  20. The pictures are absolutely beautiful, captured so expertly

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