Weekend In Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta, Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy.

Whenever you visit a particular place and you admire their architecture particularly the houses in the City, do you become curious and wonder how do the people live there? We were able to satisfy our curiosity by visiting the Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy. During a lake cruise along the scenic, beautiful and pristine Lake Como, we decided to purchase a ticket to visit the Villa Carlotta during the day. The Villa is one of the grand houses along Lake Como that is open to the public. We embarked on the ferry stop at Tremezzo then walked to the gates of Villa Carlotta to discover the Grand House and its wonderful gardens. The gardens at Lake Como is always included in the Top 10 Gardens of the World. We could not miss the chance to visit the Villa to discover who lived there, how they lived in the Villa and walk along their grand gardens overlooking the beautiful Lake Como and the surrounding mountains in this part of Northern Italy. 

Villa Carlotta was originally built for the Milanese Marquis Giorgio Clerici in 1690 facing the Italian Dolomites and also near town of Bellagio, in Lake Como. Then in 1801 the Villa was sold to a politician,Gian Battista Sommariva who further developed the Villa to become a centre for Art and improved the gardens to be one of the best along the lake. Then in 1843, Sommariva's heirs sold the Villa to Princess Marianne of Nassau, wife of Albert of Prussia. The couple gifted this Villa to their daughter Carlotta upon her marriage to Georg II of Saxen-Meiningen. Hence, the name Villa Carlotta. When we toured the Villa, we saw their public and private rooms filled with their art collections, Sculptures by Canova, Palamedes' Eros & Psyche, Terpsychore The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet, furniture, portraits and other knickknacks which gave us a glimpse of their lifestyle in the Villa. 
View of the Main Gate and the lower formal garden.
Royals and Aristocrats from Italy and all over Europe come to Lake Como for their Spring and Summer vacations to enjoy everything that Lake Como has to offer especially its fresh air, clear, sparkling water of the lake, Grand Villas and Grand Hotels in every town. 
Georg II was fond of Botany and further developed the garden with its wide variety of plants and flowers. 
The view from inside. Even in their Vacation homes, the Royals lived grand lives. 
In the garden, there are potted plants too.  In the far distance, you will see the Italian Alps some still covered with snow. 
The town behind me is Bellagio. From Como, the ferry stops here in Tremezzo then the next stop is Bellagio. It is about a two hour Scenic Ferry ride from the town of Como to Bellagio. There is an Express boat which takes about forty five minutes from Tremezzo to Como. We purchased the ferry tickets from the town of Como including the ticket to the Villa Carlotta. There is also a scenic drive to these towns driving along amazing long tunnels built through the Mountains. 

The park has a pathway surrounded by its collection of ferns, century old cedars and sequoias.
The park also has a Rock Garden planted with Roses. Other Spring flowers we saw were azaleas and Rhododendrons. 
Roses everywhere including on the rock wall.
Underneath the bitter orange groves. I love the fragrant smell of these orange groves together with the roses in the Rock Garden which were beside this alley of orange groves. It reminded me of  a Jo Malone scent.
Oh the beautiful town of Bellagio. Every town along Lake Como has its own character and beauty. We stayed here in Bellagio which you can read from my previous post, Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and also my post about Weekend In Lake Como.
Visiting Lake Como was truly a place of heaven.

I hope you enjoyed our visits to various Spring gardens during this month of May.

I wish you all a Happy Weekend!

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  1. It is many years ago that I visited Villa Carlotta whilst staying in Bellagio - what a lovely memory you have given me. I think it must be at least 30 years ago, and it all looks exactly the same - beautiful.

  2. This looks beautiful. What a treat to the eye!
    Thank you for this post! Would love to get there someday but not sure I will make it. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Hi dear, the scenery took my breath away, this is such a beautiful location, ideal for a relaxing holiday. You're so lucky to have visited!

  4. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this place is so gorgeous, I want to leave right now and head over it!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Hi Pamela! You know, though it is in Italy I never have been there, though I'd love so much! The garden is truly outstanding, what a view! You took such spectacular photos of the place, you look very lovely sit on the bench! Bellagio is also a very nice town indeed!:) Kisses dear, have a great weekend! xo

  6. Wow, I wish I lived like the royals :P These are amazing photos. I've been to Italy but never Lake Como. Definitely on my wish list! Thanks for sharing :) xo

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  9. Wow the place is sooooo beautiful dear! By the way I followed you via GFC, hope you can follow back :)

    xx, Jessie

  10. Hi Pamela. I have always wanted to visit Lake Como but it remains undiscovered by me but your beautifully photographed post has pushed to the top of my list.
    I also love the scent of Neroli, we have two citrus trees growing in our little conservatory and the scent at the moment is wonderful when I open the door each morning.

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    Madelief x

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    Un beso

  16. This is wonderful!!! I bet all the pictures you took are as amazing as these! It has to be impossible to take a bad picture there ^^

  17. I was a teenager when I visited Lake Como with my parents. Your beautiful photos make me want to return one day. I can just imagine the fragrant smell of those oranges!

  18. Hi dear, thank you for sharing your fashion insight with me. May you have great week!

  19. OMG'd! Pamela, you are so lucky to have gone inside this beautiful Villa. It has so many elements that I love. What a breathtaking view! It's on the water! Lush gardens! It's spectacular. I can't thank you enough for sharing your pictures with us. So pretty!

  20. Villa Carlotta looks stunning..I love the architecture details. Living in a place like that with that view would be a dream!

  21. You are so lucky to be traveling in such a sunny and beautiful places. What I like a lot about houses like these, is that they still breathe the atmosphere of back in the days. It only takes me a little imagination to feel like what it had to be living these grand lives, like you mention.


  22. What a gift this post is--two places I've yet to visit: Lake Como and Hong Kong

  23. This is the most beautiful place. Look at you. You look like you belong there!

  24. So beautiful! I have only been to Lake Como once in the winter but Bellagio looks so beautiful!

  25. Gorgeous Pam! Having that gate and gardens overlooking the lake must be like heaven. Really want to get to Lake Como one day! You must have loved this trip!


  26. really amazing place , Sea is wonderfull!

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