Le Cartier Christmas

The Cartier store Christmas display is one of the most spectacular and very classy Christmas display in Toronto. I totally admire that their Christmas Trees outside are full of the world renowned and highly coveted red and gold Cartier boxes and glittering lights. Then the trees are all supported by the same red and gold planters. The windows follow the same theme of red and gold with some of the exquisite products as gift ideas and of course with their Panther which represent their brand for many years now. Cartier is a French brand definitely full of class and elegance in any season. J'adore beaucoup Cartier.
The highly coveted Cartier boxes. Who would like to receive a Cartier as a Christmas gift?

The Cartier watches is one of my favourite watches to wear. So reliable, classic and elegant.

Cartier is also famous for their jewellery line. Most sought after by Royalty, Hollywood Stars, Music moguls and the rest of the Rich and Famous. Their popular Jewellery Collection that I like are the Love Collection and the Trinity de Cartier Collection.

Cartier also produce leather goods, pens and other accessories for the Home, for Writing and also  Fragrances. 

Watch here the Video presenting the story of two panther cubs' mischievous adventure in the snowy forest in the magic of  Cartier Winter Tale.

May you all have a fantastic week ahead.

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  1. That pics are so nice. Have a great day.

  2. I could stare the windows for hours!!^^ They are so magnificent and you took great pics dear! Haope you have a good day! Kisses!!:**

  3. I love cartier shops xmas decoration,this one is lovely too=)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

  4. I think each of us could be happy to find smth from Cartier under Xmas tree)

  5. Too bad I can't afford any of this, but the displays are a nice eye candy. Anyway, great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  6. What lovely windows, Pamela! Cartier knows how to do it up right!! Have a beautiful day!!

  7. Fabulous and so chic, Pamela! I love Cartier but can't afford it right now. But, I'm investing in lots of lottery tickets :) Fingers crossed. xo, Loi

  8. I have to say that I am more a Tiffany's girl but I wouldn't mind to recieve a Cartier present at all, the Christmas decoration at the shop is awesome.

  9. I always loved Cartier Christmas displays. I really want some of the signature red boxes to tie onto my tree :)

  10. Love the tree decorated with the tiny red boxes!!! If one day I own one I will definitelly put it in the tree :D

  11. very beautiful!! I love seeing all the window displays along Bloor

  12. Just beautiful! I will have to check next time I'm in Beverly Hills and see if they do the same christmas trees--they're so pretty!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. I love Christmas decorations of Cartier stores! Lovely post!

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  14. That pics are so Good. Great click Have a nice Gay my friend..

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