Shopping In London: Harrods


Harrods Cookies Tin.

A visit to London will not be complete without visiting Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge. Harrods is just a heaven place to visit with its many different Departments including the famous Food Hall, the Luxury Fashion Department, the Shoes Department and its numerous Harrods Restaurants in the store. Don't miss eating at Harrods. Their restaurants like Laduree, the Terrace and the Food Hall are a gastronomic delight. I featured the Harrods Restaurants in my previous blog post, London Part II: EAT!   Harrods also participated during The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. My previous blog post, Harrods Diamond Jubilee Treats  will give you ideas on what to expect in the Harrods Food Hall. I love Harrods. Every time I visit there, I get disoriented  because of its many departments in many floors and get excited like a child! Of course it is expensive, not doubt about it. But it is fun to explore it and discover so many of its products and food on offer. Harrods is both a shopping and food adventure.

The famous Harrods Bears.

Life size Harrods Bears.

Coffees, Teas and different Cookies. Perfect to bring home.

Harrods flavoured Fruit Teas and Jams.

Harrods chocolates are to die for! 

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee souvenir.

Harrods Hello Kitty. So cute.

Famous Harrods bags comes in different designs and sizes.

Louis Vuitton at Harrods.

British brand, Anya Hindmarch accessories.

Join the Harrods London Bus Tour after your shopping.

I hope you enjoyed shopping at Harrods. Enjoy the rest of your stay in London during the Summer Olympics 2012.

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  1. I could live in Harrods!

  2. No kidding..I had the same cookie can!! ahahhaha...and the kitty stuff!!!! I wanna go back:)..nice photos:)


  3. me third! might be goig on a day trip there soon! great post! if you get a sec i'd love to know what you think of my latest post!

    Eimear x

  4. I miss Harrods so much. I used to live very close to it...(( Great photos and thanks for sharing with us.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. Pam,
    Loved this! Harrods is just the best and not to be missed on a stop in London. They do the best souvenirs too. I can't resist bringing home a bunch from that section. Makes me want to go back soon!
    Have a good weekend!


    1. Me too. I enjoy visitingnHarrods every time I'm in London. It is a fun place. Just have to control the spending! :)


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