London's Stylish Homes

Lower Sloane Street, London.

One of my favourite houses are the townhouses of London. Actually, when I daydream of where I would like to live, I am quite torn between a London Townhouse in Chelsea or a Parisian Apartment overlooking the Seine River. Don't get me wrong, I love our house here in Toronto. I just admire the architecture, design and the history of these London Townhouses. I am also shocked by their astronomical values.
During my last trip to London this year, I got a chance to discover these townhouses along Lower Sloane Street. I  walked from Sloane Square to Lower Sloane Street on a peaceful Saturday morning before heading for breakfast at my favourite Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Cafe on Pimlico Road. The townhouses on Sloane Street, near Sloane Square are built with red brick, Edwardian Style, and surrounded by huge, mature trees. Then, I also got a chance to walk along Brompton Road and discovered that the townhouses there have cream coloured brick with white trim windows.  I am also featuring here two accomplished, talented and stylish ladies - Canadian Colette Van Den Thillart and Italian Allegra Hicks, and their two different London townhouses.

Colette Van Den Thillart's Edwardian London Home.
Photo Credit: Canadian House & Home.

Colette is the Creative Director of  Nicholas Haslam's  NH Design. She is a Canadian living in London.
View Photo Gallery of Colette's London Home.

London Townhouses in South Kensington. I like the tall windows and small balconies in front with the matching boxwood plants.

Allegra Hicks outside her London Home.
Photo credit: Elle Decor.

Allegra's Drawing Room looks so comfortable and stylish. Since her divorce from her husband Ashley Hicks, son of  the late World renowned Interior Decorator, David Hicks, she has re-decorated the same townhouse they used to share by herself.  Allegra is a very talented artist and designer. 
Read the article and view Photo Gallery of Allegra Hick's London Home.
Photo Credit: Elle Decor.

Here is a view of the private Brompton Square and a view of London Townhomes surrounding it. Doesn't this look so peaceful and green in the middle of busy Brompton Road, near Harrods?  I am dreaming on!!! 

Read here the Elle Decor UK Editor's July Letter: Dream, believe, do.

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  1. I love all the different house in London, one of my favourite places to walk around is Notting Hill, where there's the big town houses to the cute little coloured houses on Portobello road :)
    Great post- and thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment. Hope you're having a great day
    Daniella x

    1. Hi Daniella, thanks for the tip. Next time I am in London, inplannto explore Notting Hill and Portobello Rd.

  2. Ah, London is in my "Places to visit" list, and in the TOP!!!!. I'm an architect, and I dream of seen and feeling first hand, the architecture, design and the history of London.

    Your blog is amazing! Love your style! You have a new follower!
    Hope you will visit my blog and follow me back on Bloglovin'
    Big hugs!


  3. beutifull hauses! maybe we can fallow each other? im fallowing you right now!

  4. These homes are just so breathtaking. So uniform and yet crisp. reminds me of park slope in new york. The brownstones just on the tree-lined streets and one by one joined together. Gorgeous.

  5. ahhhhhh. Pam!!! I bet the townhouses in london are more expensive than Paris, right????? they look really stylish but I bet they are SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!..ok,I should keep talking about money:P.ahahahha:) I wish someday you will make it and invite me

    have a great weekend:)

    1. You are so funny Tammy! Right now,I'm quite happy daydreaming about it! Those townhouses in London are worth millions of pounds. As in astronomically high values! But don't worry, when my daydream comes true, I will invite you for sure for afternoon tea then we will go shopping!

  6. I've always thought the london and Paris apartment/townhouses have real architectural interest. I would miss having a lawn and ample yard though. Great post . . .

  7. Wonderful post. I too love the London townhouses especially the ones in South Kensington with the balconies although as you say a Parisian apartment on the Seine would be lovely too! I feel fortunate to be able to visit London quite easily as I'm only two hours away by train.

  8. love this!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  9. Fun post Pam! I love all the neighborhoods of London. Kensington is my favorite. We have rented homes though by Queens Park and there are some neat spots there too. There is so much London to explore. Fun peak inside the home too!

  10. I love London style houses, the whole city is so gorgous!
    Material Fixations

  11. This looks so adorable! I really like the simplicity and your sense of style is great! Please check out my new post, I think it´s similar to your style!

  12. You're right. It would be so fun to walk out onto this street every day.
    Connie *

  13. Diana Marks has left a new comment on your post "London's Stylish Homes":

    You made me miss London so much! I used to live very close to all those places (Sloane Avenue)... That area is fantastic. I haven't been there for several years now and I would really love to go visit. Amazing photos! Thanks for posting this! Have a great weekend!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

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