Weekend in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset.

From Los Angeles, we drove to San Francisco. After our arrival, we relaxed and decided to visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge. I was so excited because this is the first time for me to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are wondering which is the perfect spot to view the Bridge, on the San Francisco side, stop at Fort Point. The Fort Point is a park with walking trails all the way down to the San Francisco Bay. It offers the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alcatraz Prison in the distance and Downtown San Francisco. We were lucky that we arrived there during the sunset. I was able to photograph the bridge, the views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Prison and Downtown San Francisco as the sun was setting. It was magical and quite romantic. No wonder there was a song,  "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"  written by George Cory and Douglass Cross and sang by Tony Bennett.
Besides the Golden Gate Bridge, we also visited the Financial District, the Ferry Marketplace Building which is a fun place for eating, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, and of course we cannot miss the famous Cable car.  The funny thing about our road trip was that my Aunt's Navigation system kept giving us weird directions.  We got lost in San Francisco because of my aunt’s GPS. She(the GPS) kept saying “stay left then exit on the right!”  Have you tried doing an exit on a Freeway with like 6 or 7 lanes where we were on the express lane then have to exit on the 7th lane with less than a mile? My uncle who was our driver did it safely! But it was dangerous. Good thing my uncle is not married to her (the GPS) or else a divorce will be in the horizon. He was upset with her and sometimes stopped listening to her (the GPS).  My Auntie (the wife) was just so patient with my uncle and the GPS.  I had to assist in reading the paper map manually just to make sure she (the GPS) gave us the correct directions.  I learnt from this trip to keep my cool, enjoy the moment, and not to sweat the small stuff. As you know, getting lost is part of travelling even with a Navigation system. Patience, a sense of humour and a paper map are the keys to  a fun trip!

Beautiful houses of San Francisco overlooking  The Fort Point and the San Francisco Bay.

View of the Fort Point and San Francisco Bay.

The walking trail all the way down to the San Francisco Bay with the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some beautiful flowers on the walk down to San Francisco Bay.

The dock and a distant view of Alcatraz Prison.

Golden Gate Bridge after Sunset.

View of downtown San Francisco at Sunset.

Financial District.

According to our GPS, "stay on the left lane then exit on the right."  Just imagine these lanes?  We tell ourselves: keep our cool, execute patiently and carefully! Follow your instincts when a GPS doesn't make sense!  

We arrived safely at Ferry Marketplace at Embarcadero which is a fun eating place and offers a full view of the Bay Bridge.

Bay Bridge.

Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf.

There are many restaurants, shops and rides in Pier 39.

I saw some sea lions. They are living the life under the sun! They refuse to move at all! I can't blame them.

View of  Downtown San Francisco from Pier 39.

A closer view of Alcatraz Prison.

Fisherman's Wharf and an old Cable Car.

King crabs and Clam chowder soup in Sour Dough at Boudin's in Fisherman's Wharf.. As the song goes "I Left my Heart in San Francisco."  For me, I left my stomach in San Francisco!

The Classic San Francisco Cable Car.

The road ahead in the right direction..the famous hills of San Francisco.. back to our hotel...

With the recent gun violence in Colorado at The Dark Knight- Batman movie premiere, always remember to be aware of our surroundings and keep safe. We should always support and encourange non-violence. 

May you have a safe  and sunny weekend!

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  1. Great photos!!!!!! Miss San francisco so much:)!!


  2. I used to live in San Francisco and I miss it so much. Thanks for taking me back on a little visit. Beautiful photos!

  3. photos are lovely, i didn't realise you're from canada, i'm coming to toronto for a year and ganna travel around the US too. would love if you had any advice for me, like about the fashion scene, best places to live, or any tips. hoping to work as a stylist over there or a personal shopper. i have a fair bit of networking to do though!! xx

    1. Yes I'm from Toronto,Canada. I have some information for you. Lots of retail stores and fashion magazines here in will send you the info via email.

  4. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on and I will follow you immediately

  5. The view from Fort point is lovely Pamela. You managed to fit so many things into your wonderful trip. If you ever get to cross from SF to Sausalito there are two great restaurants you must try. Horizons which will reopen shortly as the Trident~ great crabcakes and the amazing Poggio the food at this place is incredible. One of my favourite restaurants ever!

    1. Hi Paul, we actually crossed from SF to Sausalito. it is a beautiful Mediterranean like town with the view of SF. I should have asked you for advice before my trip. We didn't see those restaurants that you like in Sausalito. But we had lunch at a restaurant there that's overlooking the sea. I forgot the name of it. But thanks so much for the info. I will take note of it next time we visit there again.

  6. Pam,
    Your photographs are lovely and really made the city look great! You really did a great travel guide here!



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