The Sunset at Malibu

Driving on towards Malibu, California in a convertible vintage Mercedes Benz is perfect for a sunny Sunday.  We celebrated my birthday last Sunday in Malibu. We had lunch at The Sunset Restaurant right across from Zuma Beach, Malibu. It was a beautiful place to celebrate a birthday with the view of the clear and soft sand and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Sunset Restaurant was decorated in the beach and nautical style of a white building with white and blue interiors inside. Of course, we ordered seafood for our meal. As for me, I ordered their Mixed seafood salad then my main meal was Fish N' Chips. Other members of my family tried the Moules Frites and my uncle had their classic Burger. It was a  memorable and lovely birthday at The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, California.

Zuma Beach, Malibu.

Love the soft sand on the beach and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

View of the beach and sunbathers around.

The Sunset Restaurant.

Delicious Mixed Seafood Salad.

Classic Burger with fries.

Moules Frites.

Fish N' Chips.

Back to the beach again after our meal to join the locals just relaxing and enjoying the view.

Beautiful and stately Beach houses of Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Driving along the coastline of Malibu on the way to Santa Monica.

May you all have a sunny and fun weekend!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. I love that stretch of coastline. I am thouroughly enjoying your trip.


    1. Hi Paul, the beach and the coastline in California are all gorgeous! The Pacific Ocean water and the sunshine are just gorgeous. Different from the Atlantic Ocean. but the Atlantic Ocean is gorgeous too. It has a different character. Thanks.

  2. Malibu, you're living the dream! I have a new outfit post up, would love to know what you think!

    Your new follower, Eimear x

  3. Amazing blog! You have taken such beautiful photos of your journey!


  4. Hi did you rent the car ??


  5. We wish! The MB convertible is just a passing by car that I photographed. Isn't it a beauty?


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