Summer Journeys and Liebster Blog Awards

Los Angeles Freeway.

This is the summer season which is usually the time for vacations especially road trips and any other journeys. Here are some of the photographs from my road trip around California. The views were just spectacular. So different from the East Coast. The mountains in California are just dry because of the summer dry season but golden. The mountains look like they are covered with golden sand but they are dry grass. But there are still some greenery in between which makes the landscape colourful and alive.  Wherever your journeys are this week and the whole summer,  may you all have a safe and fantastic travels. Don't forget to enjoy the views along the way!

Last week was the first anniversary of my blog.  I thought that this is my perfect opportunity to recognize some of my favourite blogs for the Liebster Blog Awards:

1. Northern California Style, the blog by Kim Wheeler, who is residing in Northern California, near San Francisco. She is such a sweet and generous person. Her blog shows her family, lifestyle, love of fashion, interior decorating and most of all we learn from her blog all the things she loves especially the happenings in Northern California.

2. Heart-2-heart, is a blog by Rica L. De Jesus from Manila, Philippines. Loved her blog since I discovered it. Her blog features many events in Manila, my previous hometown, around the Philippines, around Asia and most of all her travels with her family. Rica and I both attended the same high school, our alma mater, Assumption College. Her younger sister, Maricar and her cousin, Marga were my high school classmates.  Her blog makes me homesick but at the same time keeps me updated about the Philippines and Asia. Rica loves to eat. She features so many restaurants in her blog which is a very good reference when travelling to the Philippines. She loves her family and friends  as she always share all of their grand and festive occasions on her blog. Definitely a blog to check out.

3. Snow In The Air is a blog by Connie Snow from Southern California. I enjoy her blog for her soulful presentation of her favourite topics in nature, animals, family and other things. It is always enriching to learn different perspectives.

4. The Magical Christmas Wreath Company, is a blog by Paul residing in London, UK. I thoroughly enjoy his blog for his humour and whimsical presentation of the things and places that he enjoys. We also learn from his blog about his city, London and the rest of the United Kingdom. He shares in his blog his adventures in some British Islands, castles, country estates and National Parks. Also some features in design and the Best of the British products and food.

5. Inredningsvis, is a blog from Sweden by Maria. From her blog, I learnt that "Inrednigsvis" in Swedish, is translated in English as  "Design wise." Her blog is all about inspiration.    Maria is an Interior Designer. Her blog reflects her love of interior design, the beauty of a garden, food and the pleasures of each season. Her blog is full of light as her interiors are mostly white, light blue, pastel colours and sometimes full of colour. She shares to us about her country, Sweden.  Thank you Maria for providing an English translation in your blog. It is always nice to know something new especially for me, as I have not travelled to Sweden yet. Maybe one day!

According to my research,
"The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favourite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award the recipient can then pass it on to five more blogs of note. A way of introducing other bloggers to the blogs you enjoy."

I wish all of my new blogging friends  a successful and happy journeys!

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  1. PAMELA!!! You are more than adorable! Thank you for nominating my blog. I still can't believe that anybody even reads it so this was quite a surprise! I'm off for a few weeks but will check back in with you when I get back. You really captured crunchy SoCal with these shots.
    Enormous Hug!

  2. Pam,
    Thanks so much for the very kind note about me. You are a doll. I adore your blog and feel so fortunate to have connected! You inspire me with all your travels, photos and writing. You really do and I hope my blog can be as polished as yours one day.

    I can't wait to check out all the other blogs. I am flattered and honored.


  3. AWWW thank you soo much for the nomination:) You seem to be a very warm hearted person and I feel positiv energy from you. The world need more people like you, than It would be a more peaceful place.

    I wish you a wonderful week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  4. PS I must tell you that Inredningsvis means in english Decor-Wise...swedish is a difficult language sometimes, so it can be hard to translate into english:)

    Its all about inspiration a quote to tell what inredningsvis is all about.

    I hope you understand haha:)

  5. Thanks to you all. It is a blessing to have connected with you all! All the bestin your blogs. Maria, I will amend my blog about the translation. Thanks again.

  6. Dear Pamela. What an honour that you enjoy my ramblings, I am thrilled that you give us a mention. I do enjoy it when you pop in to say hello and I love to see your latest posts, to hear about your travel adventures and shopping trips.

    The Californian coast holds a special place in my heart, I took an elongated trip from SF down to LA a few years ago stopping off at lots of places along the way before heading into the desert. Those hills and the deserts have some spectacular floral displays in Spring just before everything turns crispy!



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