Royal Ascot Fashion

A Hat  and a Butterfly necklace for the Royal Ascot Horse Racing Event.

This week starting June 19th until the 23rd is Royal Ascot Week of Horse racing in the famous Ascot Racetrack in the Berkshires in England. Besides the Horse racing, Royal Ascot is famous for the outrageous and fashionable parade of hats and dresses.  Royal Ascot now has enforced a Dress Code depending on your  Enclosure ticket. Generally, the Dress Code indicated that Women must wear a hat, dress length at least to the knee or below the knee and not much revealing of flesh. As for men, they must wear the Morning Suit with a waistcoat and tie, top hat in either gray or black and black shoes.

 If you will attend the Royal Ascot Events this week, have you chosen your hat and outfit yet? Here are some pictures of hats that I photographed from the Fortnum and Mason Department Store in Piccadilly, London. Aren't they all beautiful? It is fun to be a spectator at Royal Ascot. Watching The Queen and rest of the British Royal Family arrive in their carriages. Then the rest of the visitors in their beautiful and grand hats and outfits with their gentlemen impeccably dressed in their traditional Morning Suit. Here are some beautiful hats to choose from Fortnum and Mason and some outfit suggestions from Christian Dior 2009 Haute Couture Collection.

Apparently, the Dress Code does not allow Fascinators like this one. It must be a full hat.

Here are some outfit suggestions from Christian Dior 2009 Couture Collection. Dress code requires the dress length to be at the knee or below the knee.  Showing of knees are not allowed. Apparently, even the Royals, must adhere to the Dress Code. I wonder what Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will wear?
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Christian Dior 2009 Haute Couture.
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Gentlemen are required to wear the traditional Morning Suit as shown here. Click for Hello Magazine's article on the Royal Ascot Dress Code. Have fun this week at Royal Ascot!  As for me, I will be a spectator, watching here in Toronto to see the outfits of both the ladies and the gentlemen attending the Royal Ascot Horse Racing Events.
(Photo Credit: Hello Magazine UK)

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  1. FAB-U-LOUS!!!
    I think I mispelled Fab in my wonderment
    Very Dreamy indeed
    merci carolg

    1. Merci Carol for your wonderful comment. I am glad you enjoyed this post.

  2. Pam,
    Loving that gold hat with the scarf. I didn't know Ascot changed their dress code, but I know some ladies were scantily dressed previously. It will be fun to see the photos this year. Loved all these hats and dresses!


    1. Hi Kim, I was amazed when we reached this floor at Fortnum and Mason. So many beautiful hats and I love the chandeliers too. Such a classy Department store. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I actually attended the Royal Ascot years ago. and I'm afraid to say that I wore a sweatshirt! I still can't believe I did that. It was lots of fun, though.


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