Furla Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Furla Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

This week, we are going shopping in London. When you visit London, from Piccadilly Circus, walk north along Regent Street to see all of the shops lining this street then you end up at Oxford Circus where you will find the Nike store and of course Topshop. From Oxford Circus, turn left which becomes the famous Oxford Street, home to Selfridges Department Store, Marks and Spencer, Debelhams and many other retail shops along the way.
  I would like to share with you the Furla Spring/Summer 2012 Collection now available in their stores around the world. Luckily, I was able to visit the Furla store located at 221 Regent Street in London. One of my favourite shops is Furla which is an Italian luxury leather goods Company. I love their Spring/Summer Collection because they incorporated two toned light colours in their bags. I love the Khaki and Red  or the Khaki and Brown combination bags. They also have the famous Candy bag in candy colours. The shoes are equally beautiful and stylish too! So beautiful, stylish and well made with Italian craftsmanship but affordable. Which one would you like to carry and wear for summer?  Let's go shopping now...

The Piper Bag in Bull leather and Khaki. Just perfect for summer.

Furla two toned bag with zipper closure. I love the blue ballerina flat with the brown ribbon.

The Candy bag in two toned colours.

On the left side, in Black and Pink is the Amazzone Tote. In the middle is the Candy Satchel in different candy colours and the bag in front is the Futura tote.

The famous Candy satchel in different candy colours. Which one would you choose?

The Bon Bon Tote in red, white and blue.

Furla tote in all leather red, white and blue.

The entrance to the Furla Store, Regent Street, London.

I love all of the bags and the sandals on display. What do you think?

The Bea Bag in Red leather with blue Savage Crocodile printed calf leather trim and white leather handle.

The Furla store at 221 Regent Street, London.

Are you in love with Furla now? To discover more about their shops around the world and for on-line shopping, Furla World will show you more. 

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  1. how am I only just now following you? Such an amazing post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest wedding post and guest blog for Lauren Conrad. xo

  2. gorgeous colloection

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by Joy. Regards, Pamela

  3. Pamela,
    Love this post! Just catching up on your blog. Furla is one of my favorite brands. I have 3 Furla bags. One I bought 16 years ago, one 10 years ago and on my trip to Italy 2 years ago, bought a teal shoulder bag. I love the brand and the quality is fantastic. The best part is you don't see people with the same bag all over. I still use all my Furlas. It's also one of the only designer bags you can get a little cheaper in Italy. They have it in the airports too! I'd love to get a Bea bag...It's so hard to choose they are all gorgeous! Thanks for taking me shopping! Fun post!


    1. Thanks Kim. Furla is an affordable Italian luxury brand. I agree that it is well designed, well made and last long. The shoes are amazing too. The Bea bag is beautiful to own. I also like the Piper bag.


    have a great day my dear.

    LOVE M

  5. They are all so cute! I absolutely love the Candy bags and the various colours! x E

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for stopping by my blog. I enjoy reading your blog.


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