Daylesford Organic Farmshop & Cafe

Daylesford Organic Cafe.

The Daylesford Farmshop and Organic Cafe located at 44B Pimlico Rd, London was one of my best discoveries during my trip to London last April. Not only, did I discover the beautiful charm of Pimlico Road which I wrote about in my previous blog post, Weekend in Pimlico Road but also spent some time exploring the Daylesford Organic Cafe. I visited Daylesford on a Saturday morning to eat breakfast there. Daylesford Organic has a cafe and farmshop selling their fresh organic farm products like their award winning cheese, vegetables, meat, different kinds of  organic fruit juices and Wines, even a bakery, they sell kitchen wares, Recipe books, candles and even Organic Bath and Body products.All made from products from their organic farm.  Their farm is located in  Gloucestershire where they have been farming organically for 25 yrs. Daylesford have several branches around London including the one at Selfridges Department Store on Oxford Street. Here in Toronto, we do not have many Organic restaurants. I was so delighted to visit this place, eating their delicious organic food and shopping around for their organic products. For more information, Daylesford Organic  also offers a cooking school and even an invitation to visit their  Gloucestershire farm in the English Cotswolds. Now I love and enjoyed everything organic food which I  happily discovered in London. Come and discover Daylesford Organic here.

The Cafe and Organic Food...

My fresh organic juice made with carrots, apple and ginger.  One of the events at Daylesford Organic Cafe in Pimlico is the Monthly Supper Club which is an invitation to sample their seasonal three course supper.

 Eggs Benedict made with their organic ham, eggs and freshly baked organic bread.

My healthy breakfast of organic porridge with syrup on the side, fresh organic fruits -apple, pears  and raisins which I sprinkled into the porridge then topped with the syrup. Delicious!

For the Kitchen...

Here are the Kitchen wares for sale.

Daylesford Organic offers the cookbook written by Jane Clarke, Nourish.  Jane Clarke is Britain's most popular and trusted nutritionist. It is a good thing that Daylesford Organic and Jane Clarke support each other as they both promote nutritional eating and lifestyle.

Some Cooking wares offered at Daylesford.

Some more Kitchen wares and organic larders (i.e mustard and chutneys).

Organic Body & Bath...

Their Body and Bath products are named after owner's last name - Sir Edward and Lady Bamford.
There are Bamford organic soaps, lotions, bath gels, hand creams, body wash, oils, among others.

There are gift sets available too.

Also Bamford Baby Organic Bath products and more soaps and body wash.

For the Home - Organic Candles...

Organic Daylesford Candles made from 100% Beeswax...What do you think?  Isn't this a good thing?

Lovely organic candles.

For the dog...

Isn't this special?

Daylesford Organic Farmshop and Cafe is special and a one of a kind place to visit. I hope you will stop by and discover Daylesford Organic when in London.

May you have a fun and inspiring weekend!

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  1. Ahhh, just wish we had something like this here. So simple and perfect. Thanks for posting and I will visit the website too.


    1. Oh Kim, you will love it there! :)


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