Weekend in Pimlico Road

Pimlico Road, London

One of the pleasures of travelling off the beaten path is the discovery of the unexpected.  During my visit to London last month of April, I went off the beaten path and visited Pimlico Road. My purpose in coming to Pimlico Road was  to actually eat at Daylesford Organic Cafe. I learnt about this glorious Organic Cafe from the blogs of Canadian House & Home Editor in Chief, Suzanne Dimma and also from Jeanne's Blog Collage of Life. So I ventured to Daylesford Organic Cafe on a sunny Saturday morning, which was already a treat in usually rainy London, to have breakfast there. On the way to Pimlico Road, I rode the Tube all the way to Sloane Square, then rode the Bus #11 which travelled along Lower Sloane Street, passed along the beautiful view of Red brick townhouses along the way. After my breakfast at Daylesford Organic Cafe, I  discovered that the area has so many beautiful shops including David Linley's Furniture shop. As you know, David Linley is the son of the late Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. David's Aunt happens to be Queen Elizabeth II.  But David Linley would like to be known as a Master Carpenter in his creation of high quality furniture. There are also many antique furniture stores around and also some clothing shops. But my best discoveries were the Saturday morning Organic Food Market right on the square near Daylesford and also the Wild at Heart Flower Shop which just delighted me. Visiting Daylesford Organic Cafe filled my stomach with their delicious food. I promise to share my visit to Daylesford Organic in a future blog post. But visiting Pimlico Road with the Saturday Organic Food Market, the Flower shop and the shops around just delighted my heart and soul. Pimlico Road felt like the main street of an English country village. But it is located in London.  It was a peaceful, sunny and delightful Saturday morning visit in Pimlico Road, London.

A peaceful Saturday morning bus ride along rows and rows of Red brick London Townhouses on Lower Sloane Street, near Sloane Square.

Breakfast at Daylesford Organic Cafe

Wild at Heart Flower Shop is getting ready for the Shoppers stopping by on a sunny Saturday.

Florist hard at work with the beautiful flowers on a sunny Saturday morning.

So beautiful Hydrangeas.

The Purple and White flowers.

Discovering a wonderful surprise:  A Saturday Food Market right in the Square at Pimlico Road.

Organic Tomatoes.

Organic Juices.

Organic  English Apple and Pear Juices which I love...

Different kinds of organic cheese to try..

Organic Vegetables fresh from the English country farms.

Some  Organic green vegetables.

Traditional English Country outfit displayed on a store window.

Pimlico Road on a Saturday morning.

Don't be afraid to travel along off the beaten path, as you don't know the beautiful things you will discover.

Have a delightful weekend!

- Pamela, The Style and Travel Journals.
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  1. Pam, Wish I was there right now. I am adding more things to my bucket list with every one of your posts. Pimlico Rd sounds very cute. I also would love this Daylesford Cafe. I was just complaining that here we are in California with so much growing and hardly any organic cafes.

    Thanks so much for your very sweet note on the blog!
    Hope you are having a good weekend!

    1. Hi Kim, same here in Canada, organic food is expensively and very limited. Unlike in London, it is everywhere including most of their restaurants. I love the organic English food. Thank you for stopping by here. Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. Hi Pam-great to share such post like this! It's really nice to walk into a wonderful place and see unfamiliar things along the way.

    1. Thanks Karen. It was a fun visit.


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