Weekend In London Part II: EAT!

This is the second post that I am presenting to you about Places to Eat in major cities that I have visited. My first post which was very well received was the  Weekend In New York Part II: EAT!  I love food and eating out in restaurants. I enjoy the taste, the colour, the texture of food and the ambiance of the place.  I am presenting here my own TOP 5  eating places that I visited in London.  Believe me, it was not easy to choose the Top 5 but here they are.  I hope you will enjoy them too.

TOP 5  London: Places to EAT.

1. Harrods

 Fish & Chips at the Terrace Bar.

When I arrived in London, of  course I was longing to eat some English food. The most classic of all English Food is Fish & Chips. This Fish & Chips at Harrods Terrace Bar on the Fourth Floor is to die for!  First of all they offer many different kinds of bread that you can choose from. I chose the Olive Bread which I already ate hence it is not part of this picture. Then I also tried the Walnut and raisin bread roll which is in this picture. English butter here is soo creamy. I love it already. Then the Fish is so white and creamy too that it melts in your mouth. The Fish batter is not greasy at all. Then the chips! Crispy and fat chips. Why can't they make chips like that here in North America? The green stuff is  Green Peas mash which is also delicious- believe it or not!  The whole meal  is very filling and delicious! I loved it! Service in the restaurant is impeccable too as expected at Harrods! 
Beside the Terrace Bar in the Fourth Floor is the Georgian Restaurant which is Harrods more formal restaurant. They offer A la carte menu too but if you are looking for  Buffet around London, this is one of the best places for Buffet if you would like to spend  around forty pounds per person.

Organic Ham with tomato and lettuce on Baguette from the Harrods Food Hall. When I was  too tired to eat out,  I purchased this baguette from Harrods Food Hall. These are freshly made sandwiches which are so popular especially after 5pm, as they are sold for half price. I only paid for 4.75 pounds for this sandwich. It is for take out and I ate it in my hotel room. I have to admit that this taste better than the baguettes in Paris!  Usually the baguettes in Paris are quite hard to bite and chew. This one I actually ate the whole thing.The dough on the baguette is so soft and quite crispy plus the Organic ham has a salty taste too which I like. Again this is another filling and delicious dinner meal for me.

My Dessert of Dark Chocolate and Walnuts cake, all from Harrods Food Hall.

Other restaurant that I tried at Harrods is Laduree, famous for their Parisian macarons. Laduree has a la carte menu too. Unfortunately, they do not allow pictures to be taken in the cafe. But Laduree is one of my favourite places to eat whether in Paris, London or New York City.

Harrods Tea Room. Click Harrods for more information on their restaurants in the store.

2. Muriel's Kitchen and Le Pain Quotidien for Breakfast!

Muriel's Kitchen is located just outside the South Kensington Tube Station. It is south of Cromwell Road near the Natural History Museum. This place is a local hangout for Breakfast, lunch and Afternoon Tea. They serve muffins, scones with fresh jam with cream cheese and other pastries and cakes.  Muriel's Kitchen also serve "Farm Fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits."

My rush breakfast before heading to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Cecil Beaton Photographs exhibit to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee. I had chocolate croissant with cappuccino and Organic Apple Juice. I love the Organic Apple juice in a bottle in London. The apple juice looks more like a yellow lemonade than the golden apple juice served here in North America.

Le Pain Quotidien is another Cafe near the South Kensington Area. Apparently, Le Pain Quotidien is a worldwide phenomenon. They have many branches around the world even in USA, Middle East, Europe, India and Australia, to name a few. In London, the restaurant  is just around the corner from Muriel's Kitchen near the South Kensington Tube Station. This is more of french bistro/boulangerie ambiance and cuisine. They also sell their own jams, pastries, cakes, among others. The breakfast menu is composed of omelettes, croissants and even porridge served with honey and fruits.

My breakfast of hot croissant with ham and Gruyere cheese with three choices of mustard. My coffee Americano this time served in a Japanese style cup and of course, my Organic Apple juice again.

3. Daylesford Organic Cafe.

Daylesford Organic Cafe in Pimlico Road is my favourite place. I love this place so much that when I planned my trip to London, this is definitely my place to visit and eat!   I learnt about Daylesford Organic Cafe from fellow bloggers, Suzanne Dimma at Canadian House and Home Magazine and also from Jeanne at Collage of Life blog. Thanks to them for sharing about their experiences and love of this place. 
What makes Daylesford Organic Cafe special? Well, one of the things that I learnt from London is that it is a city with lots of Organic food and restaurants. Organic food here in North America is considered a speciality food and therefore quite expensive. But in London, Organic food is everywhere and hence affordable. Daylesford Organic serves Organic food straight from their farm in Gloucestershire. They grow and make everything from their farm. On the ground floor is a mini-market to purchase fresh vegetables, fruits, different kinds of cheese and  meat from their farm. They also make their own wines and organic fresh juices. They bake their own pastries. It is just  a glorious organic food haven!

My healthy breakfast of English porridge with apples and raisins and honey,  Cafe Americano with fresh cream and my fresh juice made of carrots, apple and ginger. Believe me, I don't eat a healthy breakfast like this everyday. I love the Porridge drizzled with honey and topped with the fresh fruits of apple and raisins. I enjoyed the whole thing. I sat by the window overlooking Pimlico street on a Saturday morning. It was lovely to watch a quiet Saturday morning getting busy as there was a food market in the square, selling more organic food.. Just my luck! I will feature more about my experience here at Daylesford Organic Cafe and Pimlico Road on a future blog.

In the upper floor of Daylesford Organic Cafe is the restaurant.  The place became full on a Saturday morning full of locals maybe living around the Chelsea neighbourhood. Daylesford sell home/cooking wares, candles, bath and skin care products in the store. This is a gem of  a place. I will go back again.

4. Orangery at Kensington Palace

As you noticed in this picture there were no line up yet. Right after we sat at our table and ordered our lunch, there was a long line-up outside the Orangery  all the way out towards Kensington Palace. We enjoyed this place so much, not only for the ambiance but mostly for the food too. Even my Aunt enjoyed the food. The ambiance inside is like a Garden Conservatory style. This building was built for Queen Anne for her lavish entertainment. Now it is open to the public for fine dining. As the British would say "it is so lovely."

Our lunch at the Orangery.  My Aunt ordered the Chicken Terrine with the mixed vegetables. I had the lamb and for our dessert, carrot cake. The ingredients looks so fresh.

5. London Pubs

I love British pub food. Those meat pies, with mash potatoes, green peas, Kidney pie, steak pie, Sheppard's Pie, Fish and Chips plus of course the beer.  But the British people love their pubs more... Most of the pubs I have visited in London are always full. Some of them are even standing room only even outside! No matter how big or small the pub, they still keep the same tradition - order from the bar and remember to give the bartender or server your table number. Can't leave England without trying their pubs. Good thing, there is now an indoor no-smoking law in the UK.

My Pub dinner - meat pie with mash potatoes, carrots and broccoli with gravy sauce.

These are my top 5 Places to eat in London. I will feature more details in my future blog posts about some of these places.  Overall, there are many more diverse choices to eat in London. There are more eating places to discover in London.

Have a wonderful and delicious weekend!

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