London Eye Adventure

London Eye.

I finally realized my plan to ride the London Eye! I have to admit that I have been to London so many times but never got a chance to ride it. I have taken several pictures of it, even passed by it during a Thames River Cruise but never actually stopped and ride it. I was so happy when my Aunt living in London treated me for a ride on the London Eye. We enjoyed it so much including Claudette,  my Aunt's dear friend. She was hesitant at first, even willing to wait for  us at the bottom but we refused to listen to her and forced her to join us to ride the Wheel.
One of my best friends asked me on Facebook, "Is it worth it?"  I replied to her that it is definitely worth it! First of all, riding this huge Wheel is already an experience in itself then plus the 360 degrees views of London, all around makes it so worthwhile. I explained to my dear friend, that I will definitely ride it again! But I have to be honest that we purchased the Fast Track ticket in the ticket office right at the London Eye which is ten pounds more expensive than the regular London Eye ticket. We arrived late in the afternoon so we decided to just buy the Fast Track ticket. There was a long queue for regular ticket holders. Fast Track is the way to go for a once in a life time ride in the London Eye.

We are in our capsule on the way up!

View of  a  Bridge in the Thames River.

The line up below for regular ticket holders. There is also an option to purchase Fast Track tickets.

High up, on top of the Wheel.

View of the East End of London and the Thames River.

We are now moving to the other side, on the way down.

Views, views and more views all around us!

Views from the London  Eye - Upper picture view of the East End and the lower picture view of the Parliament and Big Ben.

Views of  St. Paul's Cathedral and the London skyscrapers.

View of the Thames River, the Parliament and Big Ben. This area of London is the busiest as the Westminster Bridge below has so many people enjoying the beautiful view of both the Parliament, Big Ben and of course they were looking at us in the London Eye. Westminster Bridge is one  of the best places in London to take photographs.  Millennium Bridge is another best place to take photographs with wonderful views of St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

The London Eye can be reached in many ways: If you are adventurous, by walking, cycling but on a serious note, the London Eye can be reached via bus, via the London Cab, via tube and also from the water via the Thames River Cruise which stops here on this dock.

Inside the capsule... I sound like I'm on a spaceship.

oohhh, the ride is almost over.

Our Group photo.  I apologize for the lack of clarity.The camera was probably hazy because of the rainy weather in London. But despite our blurry picture, we had fun! The ride in the London Eye is truly memorable! Don't miss it during your trip to London!

Thank God it did not rain during our whole ride. But believe it or not, right after our ride, when we reached the ground level, the rain started to pour!

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  1. Great pictures! I love the London Eye! What an amazing view from the top! Looks like a lot of fun.


    1. Hi Kim, yes it was fun and memorable for me. I always wanted to ride it! Finally, this time I did it! :)


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