Adele - Cover Girl at US Vogue

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Adele in the US Vogue March 2012 cover.
Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

US Vogue never fails to surprise and Wow us every month! For the month of March, the US Vogue cover is British  Multi-awarded Pop star, Adele. This is also a great plus for Vogue for choosing a beautiful, curvaceous lady in the cover. In the article, Adele discussed her rise to stardom, her throat operation, her childhood with her single mom, growing in a family full of women, falling in love, experiencing the loss of that love and then her comeback to her signing and also moving on  to falling in love with another, hopefully, a better  man.

Here are some of Adele's pictures that did not make it to print in the US Vogue Magazine March issue.

Adele admitted that: 'I am quite loud and bolshie,” she says (British slang for unruly and clamorous). “I’m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.' (as told to Jonathan Van Meter, US Vogue, March 2012)

Adele shared her experience so far:'Adele got more than just her voice back—she got her life back. From the minute her career took off in 2008, she had been moving at warp speed. “It was so fast-paced, I could hardly ever even remember the bulk of my day,” she says. But then everything came to a halt, and she got her bearings. “I think I just needed to be silenced. And when you are silent, everyone else around you is silent. So the noise in my life just stopped. It was like I was floating in the sea for three weeks. It was brilliant. It was my body telling me to fix me. I had so much time to kind of go over things and get over things, which is amazing. I think if I hadn’t had my voice trouble, I would never have broached those subjects with myself. Now I just feel really at peace. And really proud of myself. I’ve never fully appreciated the things that I’ve achieved until now. In fact, my entire life has changed in the last ten weeks. I’ve never been so happy, and I love it.' (as told to Jonathan Van Meter, US Vogue, March 2012)

Watch the video of Adele's Vogue Cover shoot:

Based on Adele's experiences so far, we learnt that sometimes our body will tell us to stop, rest and smell the roses. To stop, enjoy and appreciate all of our  achievements in life. Good thing, Adele is back. I love her soulful voice. Her songs, which she wrote herself came straight from her heart and own life experiences. We hope that her sad phase is over and that she will now start writing happy songs and come up with a "Happy" album, sharing with us her happy life experiences.

Grab your copies now! As the US Vogue March issue is devoted to "Power." There are many interesting and beautiful articles and Fashion editorials in this issue, including the house of famous photographer  Mario Testino, another Tory Burch house in Southampton, the house of model Carolyn Murphy and lots of beautiful fashion pictorials devoted to the coming of Spring!

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