Toronto's Icefest

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One of the things I love here in Toronto are the festivals. Toronto has festivals for every season- Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! We always find ways to celebrate no matter what the weather. For this weekend, February 23-26, the Bloor-Yorkville area of Toronto is celebrating the Seventh Annual Icefest. This is a festival with a competition of Ice Sculptures. Major shops, Restaurants and other businesses  sponsor the Ice Sculptures for a healthy competition and fun! The theme for this year is "Winter Wilderness" to celebrate Canada's wild parklands, complete with the Canadian Moose, lumberjack, rabbits, wolves, log fires, trees, log cabin and even a snowmobile.  So here is a view of my favourite area of the City of Toronto and the majestic ice sculptures.  Of course, we had a Street Food Festival too even in freezing weather! All of the proceeds are for the benefit of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

For a donation of $5 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation,  professional photographer Henry Lin,  will take a picture of you on this Ice  sculpture snowmobile.
Sassafraz offered Cocktail drink for a  $1 donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
This is  Apple Cider mixed with the Absolut Vodka Orient Apple. How Canadian drink could that be?  It was delicious!  More please!!!!
Sassafraz Restaurant Canadian Moose Ice Sculpture
The ICE  CARVING Competition
Men at Work! Ice Sculptors in Competition.
View of Yorkville during Winter with the barren trees. Looks like we are in the wilderness but we are in the City...
Selection of Food from Participating Yorkville Restaurants
Sassafraz Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Toronto. It is in the heart of Yorkville with its trademark Yellow Building. This is the place to be seen during summer especially during The Toronto International Film Festival during September. Many Hollywood actors and actresses stop by here for their meal.
Caren's Wine and Cheese Bar.  My friend Phaedra and I usually meet up here for brunch or dinner.

Baker Street Desserts

Red Velvet cupcakes.
Street Scene Cumberland Street - Yorkville
The snow has melted but it was a freezing day! I was taking photographs with my gloves on which was not that easy. Believe me!
The Yorkville area in Toronto is lined with High -end shops and restaurants. I can't help to notice the beautiful dresses in this shop.
Yorkville also has numerous Art Galleries.
I noticed this Sunflower painted on one of the Utility boxes on Cumberland Street.
Have a great weekend!
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