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Cannes, located in the French Riviera, was put on the map by  English Lord Brougham in 1834 when he stopped  by on his way to Nice. He loved the climate so much that he built a villa which started a trend for upper class English to visit the place. Now it is the Movie Stars, Rock starts, Film Directors, Film Producers and owners of major TV and Movie networks that come here to enjoy the city and the beach! It is a very glamorous place with the whole Promenade De la Croisette lined with major Fashion Designer shops like Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and  Celine to name a few! Cannes also has several 5 stars hotels all located on the Promenade de la Croisette. The most famous are the Carlton and the Majestic where most Movie Stars stay during the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes was the recent venue for the G20 Meeting. International Leaders from Developed  Countries had a summit in Cannes about the current World Financial crisis. France President Nicholas Sarkozy  was the host to attendees like US President Barack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other world leaders from Germany, Italy, Japan among others.

Palais des Festivals et des Congres is the site of the Cannes Film Festival held every May since 1946. International superstars from around the world converge here and walk the red carpet to attend their Film Premiers.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended the premiere of Brad Pitt's movie "Tree of Life" which won the Palmes D'Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.  The Palmes D'Or is the highest award given during the Cannes Film Festival.  The award is given to the Director of the Best Film.  Photo credit: Hello Magazine UK
Penelope Cruz on the Red Carpet May 2011 Cannes Film Festival.
Photo Credit: Hello Magazine UK

Fashionable Rue De la Croisette is lined with Palm trees, Designer shops and numerous Five Star Hotels.
Designer shops all along the Rue De la Croisette.

Hotel Carlton was built in 1911 is considered one of the World's Finest hotels. During World War II, a commanding officer protected this hotel from any damage. This Hotel is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Another Luxury Hotel,Majestic Barriere, was the Hotel where the Movie Stars stayed during the Cannes  Film Festival.

View of Hotel Carlton, the Promenade De La Croisette and the Beach.

The Beach at Cannes along the Promenade De La Croisette. Cruise ship docked by the Mediterranean Sea.

Can't get enough of the Cannes Beach! Next time, I visit Cannes, I will spend more time here at the beach relaxing and enjoying  a swim at the Baie De Cannes.

A view of a Private Yacht anchored near the Baie De Cannes in the Mediterranean Sean. The yacht has a Helicopter landing on the deck.  Behind it are the apartments in the Mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
Photographic view of the Baie de Cannes, the mountains, another Cruise ship docked and the people enjoying the wonderful and glamorous atmosphere in Cannes!

This is the most beautiful Carousel I have ever seen so far! What do you think?  This is definitely a fun treat especially for the kids!

Cannes, is a city in the Cote D'Azur that offers everything from Luxury Hotels, the Casino Croisette, all of the Designer shops assembled on Rue De La Croisette and the Palais Des Festivals in full Red Carpet glamour with the Movie Stars during the Cannes Film Festival. Then of course the Beach, Private Yachts, Cruise ships!  All of these together in one city provides the glamour, the style and our course the fun!

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