Princess Mary of Denmark Visit to Australia!

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One of the Stylish women I am featuring this week is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is currently visiting Australia with her husband, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. Princess Mary, nee Mary Donaldson, before her Royal marriage,  was born and raised in Hobart, Tasmania, in Australia. Her parents are John Dalgleish Donaldson and the late Henrietta Donaldson, who had emigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1963 before Mary was born. Mary completed her Degree in Commerce and Law at the University of Tasmania. She then worked in various Advertising and Marketing firms in Sydney and Melbourne.

Then Mary Donaldson met  Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark  during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.  After a three year long-distance relationship, their engagement was announced  on October 8, 2003. The following year, they had a Royal wedding in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 14, 2004.  They presently have 4 children, the eldest, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella and the new born twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with their new born twins - Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine arriving in Australia. The young Royal family usually travels to Australia every year so that Princess Mary can visit her family and friends in the country where she was born and raised.  Photo credit: Hello Magazine UK

Princess Mary greeting her fellow Australians.  She is one of the commoners now married to one of the oldest European Royal Families in Europe. Princess Mary has shown that she has comfortably integrated into Royal life. She is fluent now in the native language, Danish, which made it possible for  her to connect well with their Danish people, culture and lifestyle.
Photo Credit: Hello Magazine UK

Both very good looking Royal Couple. Princess Mary is very stylish in both casual  wear and evening gowns.
Photo credit: Hello Magazine UK.

Princess Mary showing her common touch with the Australian people.  Her outfit reflects Australia's national colour of Green and Gold.
Photo Credit: Hello Magazine

Princess Mary is one of the most stylish and well dressed  Royals in Europe now.
Photo credit: Hello Magazine UK.

'Princess Mary with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed the Royal Couple at Parliament House. And even Prime Minister Julia Gillard, known for her republican views, was won over. She told guests at a lunch in the couple's honour: "Sydney in the year 2000 was an unlikely setting for a modern-day fairytale.
A beautiful young woman meets a handsome prince, and they live happily ever after."'
Photo Credit: Hello Magazine UK.

Princess Mary with her own portrait painted by artist Jiawei Shen.
Photo credit: Hello Magazine UK.

Princess Mary of Denmark is one of the young Royals to watch out for. When her handsome husband, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark becomes King in the future, Mary will become his Queen Consort.  Princess Mary's elegance, style, intelligence and beauty will definitely be a great asset to her husband and also to Denmark.  As for Australia, well, with support for Republicanism growing in the country, wanting to break ties with the British Monarchy, the country has gained another Royal, one of their own in Princess Mary of Denmark.

Sources: Wikipedia, Hello Magazine UK
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