Hotel Le Negresco - Nice, France

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I would like to share this fabulous hotel that we stayed in Nice, France called Hotel Le Negresco. It is located right at the Promenade Des Anglais overlooking the Baie Des Anges, Mediterranean Sea. This Hotel was owned by Romanian born Henri Negresco (1868-1920). He had this palatial hotel constructed in 1912. In 1957, this property was sold to the French Augier Family who still privately owns the Hotel.  It is a Five star  Luxury Hotel and a member of  the Leading Hotels of  The World.

Hotel Le Negresco along the Promenade Des Anglais.

View of  Hotel Le Negresco at night.

Statue of Miles Davies by Artist Nikki De Saint Phalle at the entrance of Hotel Le Negresco.

Entrance lobby of Hotel Le Negresco

Hallway at Le Negresco leading to the Salon Royal.

The Salon Royal with the Baccarat Crystal composed of 16,800 pieces of crystal. This Crystal Chandelier was from the the St Petersburg Palace of Tsarina Catherine  II. Surrounding Royal Portraits of Kings and Queens of  Europe.

Royal portrait of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

More Royal Portraits, among them Empress Maria Teresa of Austria and some furniture in the Salon Royal.

Tapestry  display and sitting area along the surrounding hallway of the Salon Royal.

Private collection of Modern Art and Sculptures are displayed on the Hallway of the Salon Royal.

Versailles Room

Royal Portrait of Louis XIV

Sitting area in the Versailles Room.

Stairways to the upper floors with display of Tapestry and other art from the owner's private art collection.

Each Floor has it's own theme and display of beautiful furniture and art from the owner's private collection.

Combination of Oriental and European art and Furniture in the upper floors.

Oriental Figurines on display on the upper hotel floors.

African Art and Figurines on display on the upper  hotel floors.

Hotel's very ornately decorated room with Sitting area.

Sitting room.

A Study/Library in the Hotel room.

Restaurants at Hotel Le Negresco

Chantecler is one of the best restaurants in Nice, France at the Hotel Le Negresco. It has a Michelin Star Award through its famous chef  Jean Denis Rieubland.

Brasserie La Rotonde
La Rotonde  offers a French Brasserie Menu. It also offers Buffet Breakfast and a Prix Fix Dinner Menu. Beautiful Wooden Horse Carousel interiors and huge Crystal Chandelier. I love this restraurant. It is very playful and entertaining! Food is delicious too.

The Private Beach for Hotel Le Negresco

Hotel Le Negresco motto is "Made in the French Riviera." It is truly one of the leading luxury hotels in Nice, France. The palatial hotel is very grand and opulent with it's architecture, private collection of art on display and magnificent furnitures everywhere. The 2 Restaurants with the bar Le Relais are to be experienced during your stay as they offer truly delicious and authentic French Riviera cuisine. Every guest that we met enjoyed and loved their stay in this hotel especially the food. The private beach for the hotel ensures your access and enjoyment of the Mediterranean Sea. I will definitely and hopefully come back to this beautiful hotel and enjoy the beach in the French Riviera!

For more information on this Grand hotel please visit  their website at:

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